Still hurt! George Russell sent a letter of apology to Williams

George Russell

The last weekend, George Russell had one of the saddest moments of his entire sports career. The Briton had been warming up tires after the safety car hit the track at the Imola Grand Prix, until his Williams got confused. This incident put him out of the race, while marching in 10th position.

This result would have been the Williams team’s first point all season. However, the abandonment left him empty-handed and with sadness on the surface. When he got out of the car, Russell threw himself on the ground and asked the marshals to move away, so that he could vent his anger calmly. Despite this, many pilots of the Formula 1 they expressed their support for the British.

This week, George Russell sent a letter of apology to the Williams team factory. This was leaked in the last hours and was published by the Race Fans site. Russell highlighted the work done by each and every one of the mechanics, engineers and leaders of the British team. The pilot was very sensitive to the performance at Imola.

The letter

“There was a reason and only one reason why we had an opportunity to score points this weekend. It was because each of you gives 100% and squeezes the car to the fullest every week “, begins the text shared by Russell this week. The Briton ensured his continuity with the team next year, so he did not miss an opportunity to highlight the members.

“I wish more than anything to have kept the car away from the wall and to have scored a point or two. But we are runners, we are not here to play it safe. We compete to go to the limit. It can end in a huge disappointment here or there, but to take your foot off the gas or work at 95% it is better that we stay at home, “he added.

Finally, Russell assured that what is coming for the team is promising. “We all know we have a car that we need to push to the limit and sometimes beyond to fight for the points at the moment. I feel like we are coming, slowly but surely. I have no doubt that when they arrive, this will not stop and we will be on a roll. The future is bright for the team, “he said.

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