Atlético Madrid vs. Cádiz – Match Report – November 7, 2020

Atlético Madrid vs.  Cádiz - Match Report - November 7, 2020

Madrid (EFE) – The evolution of Atlético de Madrid already puts them at the top of LaLiga Santander. Unbeaten, a scorer, much more combinative and ambitious this season, he took advantage of a Cádiz error to score the first and did not stop until he brought down the best visitor of the tournament, blurred in the Metropolitan (4-0).

Driven by an excellent collective moment, exemplified in Joao Féliz, author of two goals and top scorer of the championship with five, and Marcos Llorente, who took advantage of an error by Cadista goalkeeper Jeremías Ledesma to give the Portuguese the first goal and exhibited his momentum in the second a day after receiving his first call with the Spanish team, Atlético is already the leader of the championship with 17 points, the same as Real Sociedad, and with two games less.

The rojiblanco team extended their historic streak without losing in the league to 23 games and left satisfied with the break in a match in which they put all available offensive power into play: Joao Félix, author of two goals, and Luis Suárez, who scored one, so between the two they have scored ten goals in seven games, and Llorente on the right, but practically acting as a midfielder.

In line with what has been seen in recent games, the evolution of the rojiblanco game involves mixing its best men with Joao Félix. Both Koke and Llorente approach him, each with their virtues: the ‘6’ with its associative game, the ’14’ with its overwhelming momentum. In their first start, Llorente and Joao generated a wall, with intelligent intermediation by Luis Suárez letting the ball pass, which ended in a weak shot from Madrid for Ledesma.

Cádiz arrived at the Metropolitan with the plan of defensive firmness and exit to the counterattack that has served Álvaro Cervera’s men so well to be the best visitor in the competition with 12 points in four outings, some of which are posh against Real Madrid or El Athletic. He only made a swap, forced by the injury of Jose Mari, to put in an ex-rojiblanco: the Argentine Augusto Fernández.

However, the yellow coordinates collapsed in 8 minutes when the first premise fell: that defensive security was broken when goalkeeper Jeremías ‘Conan’ Ledesma went for a ball to the corner of the large area without understanding with his central Fali, with which he stumbled losing the ball at the feet of Llorente, who only had to cross for Joao Félix to finish off, with a header, to goal.

The 1-0 confirmed another of the keys to this evolution of Atlético. He is no longer satisfied with the first goal, but continues to persevere, spurred on by Llorente, who generated the second by stumbling away a pass from Trippier against a soft Álex Fernández and scoring a low shot before which it seemed that ‘Conan’ – that previously had saved a poisoned cession of its central Juan Cala- could do more.

With two goals against in 22 minutes, Cádiz was no longer worth the first plan, but he seemed to have no other, since he barely adjusted to defend with five, putting the extreme Salvi on the right side, and tried some timid arrivals, such as a high header from Fali after a corner kick or a long and deflected shot from Jonsonn.

The best possible scenario for an Atlético that now has more arguments against such crowded defenses, more with two goals already in favor. Saúl had the third in a combination in which Joao and Llorente participated to uncheck Trippier, who crossed and the Elche-born player picked up the rebound to score, but the Englishman put the service offside.

Luis Suárez also tried it, with a Chilean attempt after a ball raised by Joao in which he did not finish, and two minutes later with a very forced header that went high after a long service from Montenegrin central Stefan Savic. The charrúa did not have the award in a placid first part for the locals.

Cervera tried to strengthen his team by incorporating a third center-back, Pedro Alcalá, and seek prominence with Salvi and the newly incorporated Jairo as long lanes, but his momentum was only two corners, because a combination of Luis Suárez with Joao Félix ended with the Uruguayan sentencing before Ledesma. A few minutes of uncertainty by the VAR confirmed the 3-0.

The game was already over, despite the fact that Jairo put Oblak to the test in 59 with a low shot from a corner, Garrido tried from the second row and Pombo with a header. They all ran into the Slovenian, hitherto idle. The changes served for the debut of the new rojiblanco signing, Frenchman Geoffrey Kondogbia, the latest addition of an Atlético who closed the game with a late goal from Joao Félix and aims high this season.

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