Attention Dana White! The star Jan Blachowicz wants to make UFC history

Attention Dana White!  The star Jan Blachowicz wants to make UFC history

Dana White revealed a possible candidate days ago for Jan BlachowiczBut the Pole wants someone else to defend him. A few hours ago, in addition to knowing that Israel Adesanya wants him for the Semi-Heavyweight title, the champion is looking for one of the two who will fight in the star of this UFC Vegas 13. Knowing that he is not afraid of anything and, with the belt already on his shoulder, he wants to crash into Thiago Santos in the coming year.

“I believe that Thiago Santos he’s going to win the fight, but we’ll see. Glover, you have a second life. He’s in very good shape. For me it’s 50-50, but I think Thiago will win this fight. We are friends but not inside the octagon. Inside the Octagon, I have a job to do. If he wins against Glover, it would be perfect to defend myself against him, to have a rematch against him, ”said the Polish champion.

Further, Jan Blachowicz He already analyzes when he can return: “It would be good to win a fight against him, to defend the belt. Something that I would like to do. March would be perfect for me. March would be perfect to fight again. I’ll take a few weeks and then I’ll be back. In that time I will be very well to be able to defend the title. I did things very well last time and there is nothing that won’t let me do it this time ”.

Already has a challenger

Who wants to face it is Israel Adesanya, the number 1 candidate for Dana White. «The landscape of things changes all the time. And yes, this is there for the taking. So, I thought, this is perfect. This is perfect for the Jones fight that I keep talking about, it’s perfect before that. With JanHe’s a good fighter, he’s solid on the ground, he’s uncomfortable on the feet, he’s very dangerous and poses a lot of problems. And like, the Whittaker fight wouldn’t make me tough. This makes me hard. Like, this is like, okay, let’s go, ”said the Nigerian.

“He’s dangerous on the ground, he’s uncomfortable on his feet, he has that legendary Polish power. But yeah, everyone has power, right? I mean, it’s something I tried in my last fight. I told everyone. You have to deliver that power somehow, you have to bring it to the goal. I am not the easiest target to hit », concluded Israel Adesanya, undefeated champion who adds a 20-0 in Mixed Martial Arts.

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