Morla visited Maradona, told that he is still sedated and they wait for his evolution

Morla visited Maradona, told that he is still sedated and they wait for his evolution

Diego Maradona’s lawyer, Matías Morla, visited the former soccer player this Saturday at the clinic where he remains admitted, and said that he continues to be “sedated” and awaiting the evolution of his health.

“I just saw Diego, he is resting. The doctors agree that we must wait for the evolution”, said the lawyer when he left the Olivos Clinic, on the northern outskirts of Buenos Aires.

Morla was confident in the work of this health center and stressed that “there is a medical team, made up of more than ten professionals, which is in permanent communication with everyone.”

Maradona had been admitted last Monday to a clinic in the Buenos Aires city of La Plata for anemia, dehydration and a “low mood”, but after undergoing more detailed checkups he was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma and was transferred to the Clinic on Tuesday Olivos, where he was operated.

Asked by journalists about the possibility that the former world soccer star will be discharged or transferred to another health center shortly, the lawyer ruled it out.

“Due to the situation in which I just saw him, there is no chance that he will leave. He is sedated and awaiting results”, commented.

Morla assured that the “differences” between the family members and other members of Maradona’s environment have been put aside because “there is a common anchor which is Diego Maradona’s health.”

“We all hope that God enlightens us and supports us in this ugly moment for everyone,” he said.

Morla said that “Diego is a person who is strongest in the face of adversity”, “a person who showed all Argentines the strength he has and the drive he has and that he has a separate God who illuminates him.”

“We are in a moment of great uncertainty because we do not know. It is very ugly. Personally, after the death of my mother, it is the first moment that I live so strong in relation to seeing a loved one so badly, so I hope keep recovering “, he claimed.

On October 30, the day he turned 60, Maradona, who has a long history of health problems and addictions, was at the Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata stadium, the club he directs, on the first day of the new Argentine tournament , but he withdrew after a few minutes, visibly impaired and with mobility problems.

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