New team! Lando Norris surprised everyone with an announcement: “I wanted to do it”

Lando Norris

Lando norris surprised everyone in the paddock world of the Formula 1 by announcing your new team. In the middle of the negotiations of the different drivers with teams, the British made the news official this Friday to the British BBC. Norris will join the new structure as soon as possible, matching its timing with the business commitments ahead.

This Friday, Lando Norris announced his new team of E-sports. The Briton has been a ‘streamer’ for some years now and together with his professional activity in Formula 1, he enjoys different video games with his followers. Norris will accompany in this new adventure Romain Grosjean, which also launched its esports team: ‘RG8 Sim Racing‘.

Norris’s new team is called ‘Quadrant‘and is made up of the best players on the net. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. The COVID-19 lockdown sped things up because it was doing so many more broadcasts. It definitely made me want to do it as soon as possible, ”Norris told BBC Sport on Friday.

The future of the team

The future of the new brand of the pilot Mclaren It is not defined, but according to him, he expects it to grow quickly. “We started very small, but with the dream of expanding and becoming a much bigger team in all esports and not just racing, which while it will be a bigger focus and passion, hopefully we will Let’s expand to other categories, “he said.

Jamie MacLaurin, co-founder of ‘Quadrant’, assured that they will try to help Norris be present at the events. «The Lando you see in the paddock and the one outside of it, is not very different. This new generation of riders feel a lot like people you would get along with. The beauty of the fact that he broadcasts online means that fans see him in their bedroom and have a close relationship with him, “said MacLaurin.

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🙏 Thank you for putting up with all of our trolling… was it all worth it? We can’t wait to show you everything we have planned 💚 💛 #Quadrant

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