Returns? Khabib Nurmagomedov teased what will happen to him and the UFC

Returns?  Khabib Nurmagomedov teased what will happen to him and the UFC

After Khabib Nurmagomedov will retire in the UFC 254, many rumors began to move about him. For his part, the President of the most important Mixed Martial Arts entity on the planet, Dana White, he made a lot of noise with his words. But, now, after ensuring that the Dagestani would have one more fight, the same fighter is the one who gave his words. There is no doubt that one more contest would be the best for your story.

This fight was like no other. The emotions in this fight were completely different. Everything was completely different without my father. They offered me the fight right after everything happened. I made the decision to accept it or reject it, nobody knew about this, or to withdraw, or I could go back, fight and then withdraw. Now I tell the people close to me who are not happy with my retirement that even if I fought 10 more times, I would still have to face that decision, ”the Dagestani began.

At the same time, Khabib He also said: “This decision could come when I am 32, 34, 35. It is a difficult decision because I have been fighting my whole life. I’ve been on the mats for as long as I can remember. It’s hard to go away and do something else. People can’t understand it, but what can you do? I have many followers not only in Dagestan, but throughout Russia and around the world. I have a responsibility to them, that responsibility worried me. I had serious injuries.

Support is essential

«I was hospitalized for five days in mid-September. Then I came back and broke my toe. Those words about outdoing yourself are true. If a person does not break psychologically, it will be difficult to break him physically because the mind breaks before the bones. Everything that happened to me psychologically before this fight gave me a strength that I cannot describe, in and out of the Octagon, during my weight cut and preparation, “said the undefeated lightweight champion.

Ending their sayings, Khabib Nurmagomedov He also acknowledged the following: “An important factor in that strength was the immense support from my fans. My father and I always ran into fans when we got to the airport. This time we thought it would be better not to gather too many people. Given this opportunity, I would like to thank you for the emotional support. Dagestan does not always show the best image on television and the Internet, so I am very motivated when my victories bring positivity to our people.

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