The wait is over! XFC returns to MMA and is all the rage on social media

The wait is over!  XFC returns to MMA and is all the rage on social media

The Mixed Martial Arts company, XFC, hasn’t held an event since 2016, but that came to an end. In turn, he has not promoted fights in the United States since 2013. In this way, it was announced that on Wednesday all that will be over, when the promotion returns in Michigan. Standing out on NBC Sports, Myron molotky, promoter of the entity, never gave up hope of returning to action.

“It has been a long and difficult road. Anyone who has followed XFC understands that we went to Brazil and had a very strong race there. Of course, Brazil has some problems. We stay on the sidelines. We never gave up on a plan to go back. When we were in Brazil, some people approached us to ask us about buying XFC. We examine them. They examined us. It’s one of those things that always makes me laugh, “the businessman began.

Further, Myron He made a very good comparison: “A lot of companies brag, ‘We’re a CFU feeder’ or whatever. That is not our business model. That is not what we seek to do. We made a lot of noise in Brazil. We were considered at the top. Obviously, the UFC is the UFC. We understand and respect what they have, but we are a completely different business model. When you take a look at XFCWe break it down very differently than anyone else has. “

Great news for many

“There are rules. We are surrounded by all kinds of rules with the Securities and Exchange Commission and everyone else involved. But it’s good. Our fighters, why are they going to perform to the best of their abilities? Well it’s because they’re going to have a part of the XFC. One of the things that comes in is that, of course, we are paying them well. They are excited about it, but they will also become shareholders in the company. As XFC grows, so do they. So does your retirement. It is important for us ”, highlighted the promoter.

Closing with the novelty, Myron molotky He commented: “You see a lot of these fighters who have retired and just have no way to survive or stay in the sport. Well, we will offer that. The fighters of XFC They’ve always understood that, that’s why I’ve always felt our events, we don’t have fighters feeling each other and trying not to lose. We have fighters who come in and when the cage door closes all hell breaks loose. I mean, they leave. They got the best they could inside that cage right now. That’s what you are going to see.

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