Very annoying! UFC star claims rematch with Israel Adesanya

Very annoying!  UFC star claims rematch with Israel Adesanya

No one has been able to Israel Adesanya so far, but a present star from UFC wants revenge. This is the case of Robert Whittaker, who already had a chance against the Nigerian, who is champion and undefeated, but was defeated. In this way, in the last hours, the Australian assures that, for the moment he is going through, he should be the one who faces him in the near future, although Dana White does not think the same.

“That fight was never offered to me. There were not even conversations on the air. There was no correspondence at all and I guess that’s the most confusing factor and the most annoying part of the whole mess. Less there was discussion. There was no communication. There was no dialogue. That’s annoying. He twisted my words. I think because he had his own designs and the UFC. When I say ‘he’, I mean him and the UFC as an organization, I understand that Dana White does not want to do things personally, ”began the extraordinary Australian fighter.

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For its part, Robert he was encouraged to say a date for the supposed fight: «Or maybe yes, who knows? But i think they wanted Adesanya vs. Blachowicz. That is a money fight for them. That’s a fight they wanted to push and that’s the only reason I can see that. The only fight that makes sense to me, and I was very verbal and open about it, is that I want to fight Adesanya. It’s the only fight I want, I just don’t want it at Christmas.

“That was the most important thing for me after the fight in the conferences and the media was publishing my timeline, understanding and letting people know that yes, I want this fight, this fight is the only fight that makes sense. for me. It’s the fight I win. The title fight is my right after I beat Jared because that’s the kind of fight that was a contender’s fight. That’s the fight I won, “he also commented.

To finish, Robert Whittaker He also commented, “But I have to be there for my family and my children and the newest member to join my family in January. That is my highest priority right now is to make my schedule available and then fix it. This kind of thing just shoots me into the wall. It’s a part of sport that I hate. I hate all these political schemes and schemes and I just hate them. It’s a pain in the butt.

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