Zidane hopes that Real Madrid will adapt after positive results from Casemiro and Hazard to the coronavirus

Zidane hopes that Real Madrid will adapt after positive results from Casemiro and Hazard to the coronavirus

MADRID – Zinedine Zidane spoke about Eden Hazard and Casemiro’s coronavirus positives ahead of Real Madrid’s game against Valencia. The French reported that his are fine and that you have to adapt to the situation.

“They are animated. Obviously they are not because of what has happened, but emotionally they are fine. Physically they have some things, I left them a message and I will talk to them again later. We have to accept what happened ”.

Real Madrid reported through its website the casualties of Casemiro and Hazard for the next few days after having tested positive in the tests carried out on Friday afternoon, which were confirmed on Saturday morning. Zidane wanted to downplay the issue and stressed that he cannot do anything to fix it.

“That’s life. We have to adapt to a situation that can be even worse. It happened to Militao the other day … You have to accept and continue with the team. There are worse things, there are people who are having a very bad time. It is disconcerting when you know that training today has been completely different from 24 hours of playing a game “, commented the white coach.

The case of Hazard is surprising who, since his arrival at Real Madrid, has hardly played. First, the preseason injury after his signing; then the first part of the ankle injury. Then the relapse and operation in Dallas and finally the ailment in his right leg before falling due to the coronavirus. Zidane believes that this will not affect him since he is looking good.

“Yes. You also know him as a player. He is someone strong. It is a delicate moment because with the injuries and today … The spirits are good and it is the important thing. You have to wait a week ”.

Hazard and Casemiro join Odriozola, Nacho and Carvajal who are still injured. Nor will they be able to go to the international commitments with Belgium and Brazil to comply with the confinement protocols until they test negative.

Who will be available against Valencia will be Martin Odegaard. Zidane himself publicly announced the presence of the Norwegian in the call.

“He is already better in the knee and tomorrow he will be in the squad. We know the quality it has, it has just arrived and we have to give it time. The important thing is that it returns to 100%. It is much better and has to go little by little. I have no doubts about the player he is ”, admitted the Frenchman.

Zidane also revealed his favoritism in the debate in the Madrid environment of whether Sergio Ramos is the best center-back in history: “For me, yes, he is one of them, of course. Everyone can comment, but for me yes. Everything he has shown in his career and in his club. Everyone has their player ”.

Finally, two names caught the attention of the appearance. The first, Isco Alarcon, who seems to have disappeared from Zidane’s plans since he hardly counts for the coach.

“Isco has to keep working. It’s not Isco’s problem, it’s the coach’s problem. He hasn’t played much lately, but he has to keep working and do what he does. There are difficult moments, but he has also had good moments. He will always show it because we are going to have many games ”.

The other name was Luka Modric, about whom Zidane once again said that he has no doubts about the player or the person he is.

“It is not just anyone. He is an exemplary player and very important for the team. Every week I have to choose an eleven and Luka is someone important on the team. I have no doubt about the player and the person he is. We are here to do things well and together ”, concluded the Real Madrid coach.

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