“El Canelo Álvarez and I will fight,” warns Caleb Plant

El Canelo Álvarez y yo pelearemos, advierte Caleb Plant

Caleb Plant are you sure the fight with Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez it will happen sooner or later, and more with the rumors that Plant is the rival against whom Alvarez wants to fight in December.

The english magazine Boxing News interviewed Caleb Plant last month, before these new rumors about the fight with Saul in December.

“I’m going to get the fight with him Canelo, and the Canelo and I will fight, “he said Plant. “That is a fight that in the past I said many times that I wanted, and that is the fight that today I say I want.”

The statements of the IBF super middle world champion were last month. Faced with these new rumors, the British magazine again contacted Plant to ask. However, the American preferred not to comment on anything else, for fear of hindering any progress that may be made.

In mid-February, the first contacts were made to square a fight between the Canelo Y Plant in May, however, the American refused to fight. He argued that what. they were searching with very little time to prepare. And it is that only on February 15, Plant fought against Vincent Feigenbutz, and they were looking for him to fight with Canelo May 2.

“I’m in this to win, I’m in this for the long term,” he said. Plant to Boxing News about that first approach. “I could have taken the fight and no one would have claimed, but I would have claimed because I would know that I only took the fight for the money. Today the fans get angry and say that such a fighter only took the fight for the money or for the fame. Then they run into a fighter like me, who is not alone for fame or money alone, who cares about being great, who cares about building a legacy, who cares about pride and respect, and they don’t like that either. . If I could walk on water, they would tell me it’s because I can’t swim ”.

After the Canelo Alvarez announce the breach of contract with DAZN Y Golden boy Promotions, declared himself a free agent and expressed his desire to fight before the end of the year. And immediately versions emerged that he wants to fight on December 19 against Caleb Plant.

This is how Caleb Plant rejected Canelo last February

Last February, when Plant rejected the fight with him Canelo, his statements were harsh.

“They (the Canelo Y Golden boy) build the narrative that they can show the press, ”he said. Caleb Plant at the media conference after his February 15 fight with Vincent Feigenbutz. “They make an offer knowing that I just fought today. So when I say no, it seems that I am afraid of him. “

Plant He argued that the preparation time was very little.

“How far is May?” He said Plant. “That means you take half a month from him, after a three and a half month camp, and go straight back to work. That way, they can confront me when I’m overworked. “

The super middleweight champion of the FIB was convinced that later there would be a chance to fight with him Canelo.

“If you control the narrative, you control the press,” he said. Plant. “Don’t let them fool you! Like I said, I am a world champion, a world class fighter. I am in moment. So they want him to only have half a month off (after his fight against Feigenbutz), after a three and a half month camp and six weeks of pre camp. Like I said, don’t be fooled (by the people of Canelo). Later we will fight with him, he still has fights in his contract ”.

The super middleweight champion of the FIB I proposed to Canelo fight later, for the absolute unification of the division.

“Why don’t you go and fight Billy joe (Saunders) Y Callum (Smith) and becomes a unified champion? ” Plant. “I defeat David (Benavidez) and I also become a unified champion. Then we can fight for all the marbles. That sounds a little better to me. “

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