Gallardo and the level of his River: “We are a little unrecognizable”

Gallardo and the level of his River: "We are a little unrecognizable"

Marcelo Gallardo made a self-criticism for the performance of his River, even after the 2-1 victory against Rosario Central, for the Professional League Cup.

“We came back from the standings with good dynamics in the first games and perhaps in these last two games we are a bit imprecise and unrecognizable in terms of what the team usually shows. We have not been what we usually are, “said the Doll.

“I agree that these two parties did not have the image that we usually give. I prefer to think about the six games that we have played since we returned. We are aware when we don’t play well, today we had to win by not playing well, but we have to have a balance ”, he added.

Highlights from the Millionaire Coach conference:

The Armani level: “For something Armani is the goalkeeper of the Argentine National Team, he shows that when the team needs him he is present and he is not from now, it has always been.”

The short squad: “We have bet on the boys at this time and I think they are doing and gaining experience in daily work. Perhaps the analysis is by number of names and that does not mean anything, it is superficial. I’m happy with the team I have ”.

The number of arrivals suffered: “In the last games they have reached us. Banfield was very effective, it didn’t reach us that much either. We didn’t play well, but it’s not that he beat us. In situations it was even. Today there was a tendency for the match to go to either side, we did not have control of the match. They are points to correct ”.

Reliability as a team: “We are a very reliable team overall. Maybe not so much in these two games, but it is normal that they come to us because of the type of team we are. When you give spaces and you do not have control or control of the ball, they arrive. Everything they can say about these two games I am saying, but we are a reliable team “

The FIFA date and the players you will lose: “I don’t consider it unfair, because it means that we have National Team players and we nurture the teams. That also makes you think that our local tournament downplays it. I do not consider that it is unfair, but I give it the relevance it deserves. I don’t need the FIFA date to shoot the youth, I’ve been doing it for a long time ”.

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