He left doubts about his punch, but Devin Haney comfortably beat Yuriorkis Gamboa

Dejó dudas sobre su pegada, pero Devin Haney ganó holgadamente a Yuriorkis Gambia

Devin Haney far exceeded Yuriorkis Gamboa to defeat him by unanimous decision on Saturday night, and thus retain the world lightweight championship of the CMB in its regular version.

Gamboa, even a veteran, was by far the rival with the highest bill and quality that Devin Haney, 21, would have opposite in his career. And so it was. The Cuban trade, skill and skill was a riddle that presented some complications for Haney.

It must be said Devin Haney He was vastly superior in the ring. It could well have taken more than 10 rounds in his favor. He showed, before a rival of higher quality than the previous ones, that he has that technical quality that is so highly regarded.

He is very fast on his hands, has an advanced sense of distance, and is agile on his feet. And that combination of factors makes him a dangerous counterattack, as he is also smart to set traps and decoys the opponent in their counterattacks. On the defensive, it presents the style guard Mayweather, and has learned to slip blows.

The big question that Devin Haney left before Yuriorkis it’s the power of your punch. He connected the Cuban with all kinds of blows, the same jabs, straights, uppers and hooks, two-handed, both up and down. And not once did he seem hurt or shaken Gamboa.

Haney it has all the technical qualities to be the best in the category. You have many ways to win a fight. But in terms of punch, this fight against Yuriorkis Gamboa to leave the impression of the one who lags behind the other three young lions in the category as they are Teofimo Lopez, Gervonta davis Y Ryan Garcia. It is worth mentioning that Theophimus Y Gervonta Experienced and strong rivals have already demonstrated before, that they have a punch capable of changing a fight. Tonight, before a competent rival, Devin Haney He couldn’t enforce his punch.

Yuriorkis GamboaFor his part, he showed that he is a very good level jigger. He resisted all the blows to Haney, spoiled the fight and forced Haney to row in the fight.

We could say that everything you have Devin Haney in his boxing, Gamboa had it 10 years ago. That speed of the hands, that counterattack ability, that lightness of the feet. Gamboa He looked at himself in his mirror. But the passage of time, injuries and seniority have caused the Cuban to lose a step or two in his skills. Psychologically he’s still competitive, he’s still brave, and he’s still not giving up or giving up a fight. But when it comes to skills, Gamboa was surpassed by Devin Haney, his other younger self.

Devin Haney fulfilled. And if it were qualifying, it would have taken an 8 or 8.5. He beat unanimously and loosely the best rival of his young career, but did not assert his punch, which would have led to a qualification of excellence.

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