River Plate vs. Rosario Central – Match Report – November 7, 2020

River Plate vs.  Rosario Central - Match Report - November 7, 2020

River, who had lost 3 to 1 to Banfield at the start of the Professional League Cup, beat Rosario Central 2 to 1 for the second date of Group 3.

Now, the millionaire shares the second place with the Rosario, with 3 points, while the absolute leader is Banfield, who beat Godoy Cruz by 1 to 0 and has 6 units. The Tomba, without points, closes the area.

It was a fair victory for Marcelo Gallardo’s team, who throughout the 90 minutes proved to be superior to his rival.

However, especially in the first half, the match was much more even, with situations on both sides and with Armani as one of the figures with a couple of hand-to-hand saves.

In addition, the expulsion of Laso at 15 minutes of play left Central with 10 men: from there River was able to take over the process and ensure the result.

De la Cruz in River and Vecchio, in Central, stood out in the game, especially in the first half. In the first 45 minutes, the Uruguayan demanded Ayala with a great free kick and a huge blow from the goalkeeper. And at 21 minutes of play he scored the first goal, entering as nine and between the center of the center, after a pass from Casco from the left.

River won, but did not often reach the Ayala goal. Central closed the roads and had in the feet of the cerebral Vecchio the key to break the millionaire defense.

At 33 minutes in a play that was born at the feet of 10, Gamba was left alone against Armani, who covered very well in the heads up.

At the start of the complement again the goalkeeper of the Selection covered a goal play, this time against Vecchio himself. And a while later, Villagra demanded the 1 millionaire again.

The match was even, but after 15 minutes the goalkeeper Ayala came out in a hurry and out of time away from his goal, Laso knocked down Montiel when he was going towards the goal and the referee Tello took him the red card.

Gallardo relied on the changes and put players with freshness to take advantage of the extra man. Another game began, where the dominance of the premises was more evident, and where the spaces left by Central were an invitation to a goal for the millionaires.

At 32, Suárez eluded Ayala and put a pass almost under the goal: Pratto was left only to head to put the 2-0. El Oso returned to the goal by local tournaments after more than a year without converting.

And River had more chances. The clearest one, one that Novaretti took on the line, after a great team move and a frank shot from Carrascal.

Already on the closing, with a Central surpassed but that showed attitude and never lowered his arms, Paulo Díaz committed a penalty to Gamba, which Vecchio transformed into a goal for the 2 to 1 final.

In conclusion, River was able to win again after a failed debut. Still showing that he has to adjust details, especially when defending, but making it clear that it is still a team to fear at an individual and collective level.

Without Nacho Fernández and Santos Borré, two very important pieces, Gallardo continues to make it clear that in his teams the game system is beyond names.

Central, which is being armed by the hand of Kily González, was satisfied because he was able to make a worthy game and had occasions to inconvenience a demanding rival and at times, put him in trouble. It is no small thing.

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