Terrible! A former Formula 1 driver with COVID-19: “The oxygen in the blood decreased”

Fórmula 1

The global coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) affected many well-known athletes in a terrible way. The Formula 1 He already had two official pilots of the grid infected and who joined the extensive list of the great figures who suffered from the virus. This Friday, it was confirmed that a star in the category had a very bad time.

Vitantonio Liuzzi he competed for six years in Formula 1 in two stages. During the years 2005-2007 and 2009-2011 it went through Red Bull, Toro Rosso (Today AlphaTauri), Force India Y HRT. In addition, in 81 Grands Prix, he never won podiums or pole positions. This Friday, the Italian confirmed that he had a very bad time during his disease process and confessed that he had to be hospitalized.

In an interview with the Motorsport.com medium, Liuzzi commented on the detection of the case. According to the pilot, the contagion could have been from his daughter. “Basically a couple of weeks ago I started to feel a little weird. But I had no major symptoms. There was a case in my daughter’s class, so they basically confined the entire class and that’s it, ”the story began.

However, the former Formula 1 driver and current sports commissioner, assured that the picture of his health was getting worse with the passing of the days. “To be sure, we did a quick test and it came back positive. We returned to our village and locked ourselves at home. But after four or five days, the oxygen in my blood decreased and I started having pneumonia.

Happy ending

Fortunately, Liuzzi was able to overcome the virus and was very happy with the achievement. “They took me to the hospital and did a lot of check-ups, and I was there for six days because the situation was getting worse. With the treatment I got better, and they sent me home. My wife and daughter had no symptoms, so luckily only I suffered from this. These shits happen, but there are worse situations in the whole world, so I can not complain, “he said.

Vitantonio Liuzzi

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