“The problem was that they had me without fighting for a long time”: Canelo speaks for the first time about the lawsuit

El problema era que me tenían mucho tiempo sin pelear: Canelo habla por primera vez de la demanda

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez spoke for the first time about the lawsuit he filed against Golden boy Y DAZN, and confirmed that he is a free agent, and that from now on he will work in co-promotion with various promoters to make the best fights. He also revealed that it will be next week when he announces his next rival, and the date to get back in the ring.

On Saturday night, just a day after it was confirmed that he was dissociated from Golden Boy Promotions Y DAZN, the Canelo offered a long interview to Box Azteca. It was during the boxing broadcast of the television, where the Canelo He spoke for the first time about how he will work in the future, and about his plans in this new phase of his career.

Canelo’s reasons for filing a lawsuit against Golden Boy and DAZN

The Canelo spoke about the reasons that led him to file a lawsuit against his former promoter Golden Boy Promotions, and against DAZN. The lawsuit was settled with an out-of-court settlement, and although Saul He did not detail what had to be done to reach that agreement, he managed to disassociate himself from the promoter and DAZN.

“I can’t go into much detail, but the main problem was the delay in the fights,” he revealed. Saul During the Interview. “They had me without a fight for a long time, and there were details like that. What I want is to fight and continue making history, continue my career. And that’s why we had to do this from the lawsuit, as legal things have to be done. Thank God it turned out well for us, we did things as we had to do them: prudently, but decisively ”.

Saul wants this action to also serve as an example so that fighters know what their rights are and fight for them.

“We also want to leave a coup of authority so that the fighters who have been rising, know that at some point we have to put ourselves in a tough and difficult position so that they respect us and respect our rights as fighters,” said the Canelo.

Given the confidential nature of settlements that are made out of court, the Canelo He declined to reveal the details of how they reached that agreement to settle the lawsuit.

“It is delicate to talk about the details of the lawsuit, because when you arrive at a solution you should not talk about many issues,” he said. Alvarez. “Here the important thing was not money, but to pursue my career, and money was what interested me the least. The important thing is that we were able to reach a settlement and be a free agent. “

How the Canelo Alvarez promotion will work

What the Canelo it’s how you plan to work the promotional and business part of your career. This, within the new professional phase, after resolving the claim.

“It is one of the most important days of my career,” he explained. Saul. “The idea we have Eddy and I is to be promoters, and have co-promotions with any promoter. To have the opportunity to make good fights with opponents who are good styles, to accommodate good fights and give the public what it deserves. We want to do Canelo Promotions and do co-promotion with other promoters ”.

This would help facilitate negotiations so that the Canelo can face fighters from various promoters.

“Doing co-promotions that we can do fights with that promoter, or with the other promoter, to be able to do the fights that people want to see and that is important for my career,” he explained. Saul. “It motivates me a lot, because a second stage in my career is coming, which is perhaps the best of my career. We will see in the future, but it is what is looming ”.

On the date and name of his next rival

It has transpired that Caleb Plant, the IBF World Champion at 168 pounds, is the rival that the Canelo looking to fight on December 19. But nevertheless, Alvarez ensures that nothing is closed.

“I don’t care if it’s Christmas or December 19, what I want is to fight this year, and any day is good for me,” said the Canelo. “When you have to work, you have to work, and I am willing to sacrifice anything to fight.”

Although in the future of Canelo rivals sound like Jermall charlo, Callum smith, Billy joe saunders or Caleb Plant, Saul He did not release a pledge on which is the rival he prefers.

“I like all rivals,” said the Canelo. “What I want is to make good fights, for people to see great fights, and they are all very good fighters. Let’s see which of these fits the most and is ready for December and that he returns on Canelo with a good world championship fight. “

About his next fight, the Canelo informed that it will be next week when he can announce the details of his next fight.

“I hope that next week we will have something done, made concrete and be able to announce to the public, what it gave, with whom, where and it will be a very special moment,” said the Canelo.

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