Top 14: without Juan Imhoff, Racing 92 beat Pau on the hour

Top 14: without Juan Imhoff, Racing 92 beat Pau on the hour

This Friday, date seven of French Top 14 began with the comfortable triumph of Toulon on Brive, and then continued on Saturday with three real games:

In local condition, Toulouse tied with him Castres by Mauricio Reggiardo and Benjamín Urdapilleta; Bordeaux Begles, who came from thrashing Agen, now it was much higher than Bayonne, while Racing 92, which does not have Juan Imhoff, who is with Los Pumas in Australia, beat just enough Pau in Paris.

This Sunday, on the other hand, the current day of the French tournament will close with the duel they will star in Agen-Lyon on the one hand, and La Rochelle-Clermont for the other. The latter, who will face the first two in the standings, will be played at 17.05 from Argentina and can be enjoyed live by ESPN Play.

RACING 92 24-22 PAU (Saturday)
With just enough and on the end! Racing 92, without Juan Imhoff, who meets Los Pumas in Australia for the Three Nations, was left with a triumph with a lot of suspense in Paris. While he was going to hit first through Olivier Klemenczak’s try, Pau was going to start to tip the balance in his favor: first, thanks to Eliott Roudil’s conquest over the beginning of the complement, but especially for the aim of his opening Antoine Hastoy, who in addition to having contributed the conversion of his team’s only try, added 15 more points through penalties to the sticks. However, Maxime Machenaud was also straight when it came to the posts to the posts, so his team kept hope despite the deficit on the scoreboard. And that’s when the third line Fabien Sanconnie appeared, who led the defense ahead and supported the winning try for his team.

TOULON 35-19 BRIVE (Friday)
The local team, which had a Sergio Parisse on, was the dominator of the game throughout the 80 minutes. So much so that at 12 ‘he would be the first to hit, through Gervais Cordin’s try. And then, on the end of the first half, the show of the Italian third line would arrive. First, at 36 ‘, he threw a tremendous cross kick, in a play that ended with Erwan Dridi in the Brive ingoal, and just 4 minutes later, he assisted Dridi (again) with a spectacular offload. Although it is true that the visiting team started the second half with a different attitude and reached the try in the hands of Otari Giorgadze, he was not going to have too many emotions, beyond the try of Thomas Jolmes (Toulon) to decorate the result .

TOULOUSE 16-16 CASTRES (Saturday)
More even, impossible. And not only because of the final result, which obviously reflects the parity between one team and the other. But also for the development of it. Both teams managed to hurt their respective rival in the same way: a converted try and three penalties. For the locals, the try would reach 26 ‘through hooker Peato Mauvaka, while the rest of the points were contributed by Zack Holmes with his aim when kicking the posts. The conquest of Castres was going to mark the center Thomas Combezou on the start of the second half, while the Argentine Benjamin Urdapillera was the author of the remaining 11 points.

BORDEAUX 43-19 BAYONNE (Saturday)
After last weekend’s win against Agen by 71-5, Bordeaux, which did not have either Santiago Cordero or Guido Petti because they are with Los Pumas in Australia, showed off again. This time, he did it against Bayonne of Argentine second line Mariano Galarza, who joined his team at halftime. For the locals, the tries were provided by Matthieu Jalibert, Yoram Falatea Moefana, Joseph Dweba, Scott Higginbotham, Thierry Paiva and Jandre Marais. On the visit side, Torsten Van Jaarsveld, Guillaume Rouet and Yan Lestrade.

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