Union (Santa Fe) vs. Racing Club – Game Report – November 8, 2020

Union (Santa Fe) vs.  Racing Club - Game Report - November 8, 2020

(ESPN.com) – Unión de Santa Fe took advantage of Racing Club’s defensive fragility and won 2-0 on the second round of Group 1 of the Professional League Cup.

Fernando Márquez and Mauro Luna Diale scored the goals for Tatengue, who remained as a guard for Atlético Tucumán. Sebastián Beccacece’s men continue without points, as they had lost to the Dean in their debut.

At 3 minutes, Eugenio Mena climbed to the left, touched back and Matías Rojas demanded Sebastián Moyano with a crossed left-foot in the first clear chance of the match.

Just one minute later, Unión opened the scoring: after a lost ball in the middle of the court and a very good counter between Fernando Márquez, Fernando Elizari and Juan Nardoni, Márquez himself found a loose ball inside the area, after a couple unsuccessful refusal attempts to beat Gabriel Arias.

At 8 minutes, Héctor Fértoli tried from the outside and again found a very confident Moyano. And ten minutes later, the Lightning faced the center, outlined and his right to place went just wide.

Augusto Solari tried to cross midfield at 24 and almost scored a goal. And on the next play, Fértoli sent a very good cross from the left, Solari headed the crossbar and on the rebound, Cristaldo’s popcorn was cleared by Moyano.

Three minutes later, La Academia missed another incredible chance: Solari sent the cross from the right, Cristaldo failed to head and the ball was left to Lisandro López, who controlled and finished off wide.

Beccacece’s team returned to generate danger at 34: Fértoli hooked in a great way in the large area and touched back for Matías Rojas, whose left-footed shot went just outside. Four minutes later, Moyano’s figure grew again, after a half turn from Cristaldo that he cleared at the corner.

Those of Azconzábala once again had an opportunity at the feet of Márquez, who hooked from the right to the middle and took a deflected left-footed shot. Also with a counter to 41 that Solari destroyed, who quickly requested the change due to a muscular discomfort in the back right.

In the last of the first half, a corner came from the left and Cristaldo’s header ended up in the hands of Moyano, the great figure of the first 45 minutes.

Already in the complement, the visit continued in search of the tie, but without finding the changes towards the rival area.

At 69, Unión again took advantage of the defensive errors of Racing and Mauro Luna Diale, 21, nailed a cross shot after the assistance of Troyanski for the 2-0 of Tatengue.

Five minutes before closing, Arias avoided the third in a heads-up with Juan Manuel García.

For the third date in the area, Unión will visit Atlético Tucumán, next Friday at 9:15 p.m., while Racing will host Arsenal, on Saturday at 6:45 p.m.

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