Against Crawford, Kell Brook will be tougher than Amir Khan’s soft was, according to Crawford’s manager

Contra Crawford, Kell Brook será más duro que lo que fue el blando de Amir Khan, según manejador de Crawford

Bryan ‘Bomac’ McIntyre, handler Terence crawford think that Kell brook will be a more dangerous rival for Crawford that what was the “soft” of Amir khanin his own words.

Khan he definitely resigned (the combat) ”, he opined McIntyre in a blog posted on MyBettingSites.Brook should be a tougher test than Khan for Crawford“.

McIntyre believe that the times Amir khan has been knocked out in his career realize that Brook will be a more difficult opponent for Terence crawford what was Khan when they fought in April 2019.

“We saw what Khan did in his career, like he got knocked out multiple times and then you go to Kell brook And how they’ve never knocked him out the way they knocked out Khan. TO (Brook) they have never taken him down on a stretcher. Brook he has been able to walk out of the ring ”.

Amir Khan was softer for Crawford than Kell Brook is

That’s why you think Kell brook it’s hard, and Amir khan it is softer.

“(Kell) Brook is more hardened, “he said McIntyre. “Khan may be considered somewhat soft, but Brook it’s hard. He likes to get into tough fights and he likes to fight to the end. Khan always looking for a way out but Brook He will always look for a way to fight until the end and until he can’t fight anymore ”.

The handler of Terence crawford believes that Kell brook he has more experience than his fighter.

Kell has more miles driven, gained weight to fight GGG and then he came down to fight with SpenceAnd that was when they fractured the orbital bone of his eye. That could take a toll on him mentally ”.

McIntyre thinks that something that may be a factor is weight. Kell brook has not fought at welterweight since May 2017 when he lost to Errol spence.

Kell he’s a 154 pound, and he was an elite welterweight, ”he explained. McIntyre. “Yes Brook is willing to fight with Crawford that shows the desire and determination of Brook. He hasn’t fought at 147 in three years, but he will have to work to lose weight and fight for another title. That shows me that he is determined and that he comes to fight. Gained weight to fight GGG and that shows his character as a fighter, it shows me his heart and that he believes in himself ”.

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