Authorized voices: Pablo Matera and Michael Cheika went through Scrum, days before their debut in the Tres Nations

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Authorized voices: Pablo Matera and Michael Cheika went through Scrum, days before their debut in the Tres Nations

The preparation of The Pumas with a view to debut in the Three Nations 2020 reached its final moments. After the win against Australia Rugby Selection, Scrum had two luxury guests: the captain Pablo Matera, who told the sensations and intimacies of the squad a week before the game against New Zealand, Y Michael Cheika, who revealed what his specific job is as an external advisor.

One of the great novelties of Los Pumas is the inclusion of the historic Australian coach, and Matera spoke about the importance of his presence: “Michael Cheika is a great addition, when Mario told me that the possibility was there, it was already great news. The experience, the energy, the predisposition that he brings to this team and the desire to improve ourselves are important “



The Los Pumas captain spoke with Scrum and provided his opinion on the new external advisor to the selected one.

Another of the great changes happens through the game system. The Argentine national team is looking to reinvent itself completely after the Japan World Cup 2019. And in that sense, the third line detailed what the team’s new way of playing is like: “The game system changed a bit, now we play with two pitchers. The structure of the forwards is different, it is not so structured. The whole system is based on making decisions. Those of us who joined later had fourteen days to understand it and the most important thing is to take it to the field in the best possible way ”.

At the same time he highlighted the defensive system: “I think defense was one of the team’s high points, we had them very controlled (Rugby Australia Selection). They could not play with much inertia and when we were ordered we did not feel in danger. At times we defend very well, but sometimes we do unnecessary penalties, although defense is a high point for the team ”.



The captain of the Argentine national team spoke with Scrum, talked about the tactical modifications and summoned Michael Cheika.

He also mentioned the new players, highlighting the enthusiasm and youth of the squad: “A great group was formed, all the new guys are proud to be here and love the shirt. The energy of the group is excellent, between experienced and beginners. We are all working to get there in the best way, from the role that each one of us has ”.



From Australia, the third line of Los Pumas revealed what surprised him the most about the squad since he was reunited with it.

Finally, he shared his feelings for the debut in the 2020 Three Nations: “We prepared in the best way, obviously the preparation was atypical, I think all that was left here. Today we are all happy to be here and we are not looking at other teams, we are focused on ourselves. We are eager to live one of the most beautiful weeks “



The captain of the Argentine national team chatted with Scrum and said how he feels about the debut for the Three Nations against the All Blacks.

Added to the word of Pablo Matera, Scrum spoke with Michael Cheika, who left several concepts and questions about how his work will be for Argentina: “My real job here is to help each player grow and each coach improve. There is only one person who judges the team and that is the Head Coach ( Mario Ledesma). My job is to trust the players and get them to trust me, so that they improve and are prepared for each game. “



The external advisor of Los Pumas for the Tres Nations told what is one of its main objectives.

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