Independent vs. Colón (Santa Fe) – Match Report – November 9, 2020

Independent vs.  Colón (Santa Fe) - Match Report - November 9, 2020

( – In an unexpected and emotional ending, Independiente and Colón drew 1-1 at Libertadores de América for the second round of Group 2 of the Professional League Cup.

Colombian Wilson Morelo opened the scoring after 13 minutes of play, Lucas Rodríguez tied it at 89 with a popcorn and Sebastián Sosa saved Emanuel Olivera a penalty in the fourth minute of injury.

With equality, both continue as leaders in the area with 4 points, although Sabalero has a better goal difference.

The minute Red warned: Pablo Hernández assisted Alan Velasco with a cue and went to the area to look for the center, which he nodded demanded at the hands of Burián.

At 13 the first cry came: Tomás Chancalay executed a very poisonous cross from the left, Sebastián Sosa did not get to hand the ball and Wilson Morelo pushed it with his thigh to open the scoring.

At 18, Silvio Romero failed to connect a very good Velasco cross from the left. While at 27, Lucas Romero tried from the outside and found the visiting goalkeeper well stopped.

Throughout the first half, Lucas Pusineri’s team took center stage, took over the ball and approached the rival area with danger

At the beginning of the supplement, friction abounded and the chances of danger were scarce.

The clearest came at 69, in a right hand from Silvio Romero inside the area that was cleared just in time by the defense. And at 81, the center forward appeared again, who took advantage of a great pass from So Señora, outlined himself and caused a great save from Burián.

Sabalero had two good opportunities to extend the lead: at 86, with a good free kick taken by Brian Farioli and Lértora’s header that almost complicated Sosa. And two minutes later, Farías played it for the personal, but did not hit the goal.

Colón forgave and Rojo enjoyed it: at 89, after a Lucas González cross from the right, Lucas Rodríguez hit a cross header to make it 1-1.

It seemed that that goal was going to be the last emotion of the match, but in the fourth minute of discount came the penalty that Silvio Trucco charged by Lucas Romero’s hand in the area and Sosa’s save in Olivera’s shot to become again the hero of Red.

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