It promises a carnage! Max Griffin was not satisfied with hanging the ear of his rival

It promises a carnage!  Max Griffin was not satisfied with hanging the ear of his rival

Max griffin Y Ramiz Brahimaj They gave one of the fights of the year, but because the second lost his ear in the cage. It all happened in the second fight of the preliminary card, at UFC Vegas 13, which was stained with blood. The welterweight contest promised to be very exciting, but it ultimately ended up going viral all over the planet. With a shocking and painful image, the news went through the extra sports.

“It looked like a brain hanging from his head,” was what he communicated Griffin to the press after Saturday’s event at the Apex in Las Vegas. There, he retired as the winner by technical knockout in the third round, after referee Mark Smith to the shattered ear of Brahimaj and ended it all. “He reminded me of Leslie Smith, or that big white guy whose ear exploded, like 15 years ago,” he added.

For his part, without moving away from what happened, he also dictated: “I don’t know if his skin was thin, but I really started to put it on and once I grabbed that elbow, his ear hung down. I didn’t really see where it landed, I just felt unpleasant. It was a good fight until it was all over. I am very sorry for him, I hope he is better and he recovers soon. Anyway, that’s how it is. You live and work for this ”.

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“The doctors assured me that he was fine. I do not think so. He looked really hurt. I’ve never seen anything like it, I don’t doubt it. However, I wish him the best. He is a great fighter and he will surely recover in the best way. Anyway, I know and it was clear that everyone liked it. Blood, baby, “the fighter also explained, making it clear that he enjoyed the moment. For this, many criticized him on UFC social networks.

To close, Max griffin He told what it is like to enter the cage for him, detailing the sensations and emotions that that gives him. “I go in there like, ‘It’s war, it’s war,’ and then you get stiff and tense, and then you have to relax and pitch. So I’m really focusing on being laid back and smooth like James Brown. You’re going to see a butcher shop come here. Nobody can with me and everyone will go like this boy, “he closed.

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