Newell’s Old Boys vs. Boca Juniors – Game Report – November 8, 2020

Newell's Old Boys vs.  Boca Juniors - Game Report - November 8, 2020

Boca continues on the path of triumph. After defeating Lanús in the debut of the Professional League Cup, by 2 to 1, this time he defeated Newell’s Old Boys de Rosario.

After nine years without winning at Colossus, Marcelo Bielsa (the last time was in 2011, with Julio César Falcioni as DT) he won with justice 2 to 0 against the lepers, with goals from Tevez and Lisandro López.

Now the xeneize adds 6 points in the group, waiting for the match on Monday between Talleres and Lanús.

Miguel Angel Russo’s team started from lowest to highest. In the first half, Newell’s was at times superior; he attacked his rival, pressed him well up high and left him few chances to take advantage of the spaces, especially with two spicy and fast forwards like Salvio and Villa.

The Colombian striker returned to the first team after eight months, after the complaint of gender violence that his ex-wife filed in Justice.

Despite the superiority of the local, which however could not be expressed in clear goal situations against Andrada, the xeneize was on the lookout.

Tevez, with a great game, was going to begin to show signs of his talent. First, at 11 minutes, with a shot that went close to Aguerre’s left corner. Immediately after a cross from the right, Apache hit a tremendous header that the goalkeeper with great effort sent to the corner kick.

Until 40 minutes later the goal came. Pablo Pérez made a mistake in a pass in the middle of the field. The ball was recovered by Salvio, who put in a great filtered pass for Carlitos: the number 10 entered in position of 9, eluded the goalkeeper and scored the 1 to 0.

Boca had endured well the attacks of Newell’s, which made a good first half, anticipating in the middle of the field and taking advantage of the fact that Capaldo and Campuzano were at times very alone when it came to recovering.

But Russo’s bet, to play somehow blow for blow, relying on the technical quality of his players, paid off.

In the complement, almost everything was from xeneize. As if the locals had felt too much Tevez’s lethal blow at the end of the first half.

Fabra, with a great game, almost scored a hole-in-the-wall goal, which the goalkeeper covered very well when the ball went into it.

Now without so much pressure in the middle, Boca could take advantage of Villa and his speed. The Colombian had several occasions to close the scoring: the clearest, a heads-up with Ramiro Macagno (he replaced the injured Aguerre at the end of the first half) where he advanced the ball too much.

The usual Villa was seen: fast for the counter, but with problems to define. Anyway, it is great news for Boca to have the attacker again.

Boca’s second could be seen coming, and it came from a corner kick. A Cardona center came to the head of Lisandro López and he pushed the ball to the goal, while Tevez in front of the goalkeeper, enabled by a defender, blocked the vision of the young Macagno.

There was time for more from Boca, with a shot on the stick from Carlitos, and another from Villa that covered the Newell’s goalkeeper.

There was also time for Russo’s changes, showing the great squad of the xeneize: Pulpo González made his debut, Mauro Zárate returned after the stoppage due to injury and Maroni entered, another option in the middle of the court.

As a point of concern was the departure of Salvio due to injury (he is summoned for the National Team on the next qualifying date), and the lack of containment in the midfield, especially if the DT decides to continue betting on an offensive team with Cardona, Salvio, Villa and Tevez, as he did against the Rosario.

Newell’s started well but left full of doubts, after the second consecutive loss in Zone 4 of this Cup.

Boca remains firm thinking of arriving in the best way to what will be the most important duel to come, on Wednesday 25 of this month for the second round of the Libertadores, against Inter in Brazil.

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