Are you retiring? Robert Whittaker’s words that surprised everyone at UFC

Are you retiring?  Robert Whittaker's words that surprised everyone at UFC

The renowned Australian fighter from UFC, Robert Whittaker, spoke with the press in these hours and left some controversies. Who already had a chance before Israel Adesanya, who is champion and undefeated, was defeated and wants revenge. In any case, in his last-minute words he dealt with other issues, where the chance of his retirement was touched. Therefore, it scared many fans. Although he did not rule out anything, it is known that he is young to hang up his gloves.

“We never cross paths because we have an age difference of a decade. I am young and I am going up, he is getting old and down. I don’t know how to say that in a way that is not insulting, because I have the utmost respect for him, but age grabs us all. Catch them all. No matter how good you look, it attracts everyone. And you can see that in him. and you can see that his timing is half a second apart, he can’t take shots like he did when he was younger, he doesn’t hit that hard, ”the oceanic began dictating.

Continuing on the same line, Robert He also said: “Anderson Silva in his prime, he couldn’t be touched, and when he was touched he shrugged off everything. He was unstoppable, he was amazing, but he required the perfect balance of youth, physical attributes and talent. While now he has experience and the talent is obviously there, that’s why he’s still competitive, why he’s still doing so well, but his youth and physical attributes have diminished a bit.

He wants much more in his career

“When you’re fighting high-caliber guys, top-tier guys, like young, hungry, physical guys, look at the Uriah Hall specimen. You’re fighting a guy who’s in the best shape of his physical abilities and with the talent to do it, it’s scary. Hell no. This game is stressful. That’s something else, these guys who fight throughout their 30s and 40s, this game never gets easier, “said the Australian, highlighting Silva’s work.

Every fight is never easier. Stress and nerves are always there. As usual. I don’t know why they keep throwing themselves into this game. It’s crazy, in my opinion. I have a soft cap, and obviously I’m going to follow how my body feels, but if I start to get knocked out and start to lose my health comes first, I’ll just retire. Let’s say, I knock on wood, I am not performing as well as I would like at 35, so I will be in the best physique to continue going around my children, which sounds like a good concert, “he closed Robert Whittaker .

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