Caffaro, the difficulty of being far from home in the pandemic and the importance of the University

Caffaro, la dificultad de estar lejos de casa en la pandemia y la importancia de la Universidad

Francisco Caffaro It is one of the great projects of Argentine basketball and is at the University of Virginia in pursuit of your sporting dream. Being away from home is always a challenge, but the coronavirus pandemic made it even more important.

For foreign students in the United States Holidays are the only time they can return to visit their families, but the health situation took away that option. “It is quite difficult. In the last four years, I have probably seen my family for a total of three months“, he assured, in dialogue with The Cavalier Daily, the Argentine pivot.

Particularly, Caffaro has not seen his family for over a year And, along with a large part of society, he discovered in the different video calling platforms a possibility of feeling close to his family. “FaceTime with my family, it’s like being with them somehow

Structure and support provided by the university is important to maintain the mental health of athletes in these situations. Particularly in Virginia They created a second house for them in which 17 players and 4 coaches coexist.

We understand that our international guys haven’t had a chance to go home and the mental challenge that comes with that.“said assistant coach Jason Willford and Caffaro added:”Lcoaches are always there for you. I feel like my relationship with my coaches and teammates has grown for sure“.

Despite being only 20 years old, the Santa Fe already has experience being away from home. Four years ago he said goodbye to Argentina heading to the NBA Academy in Australia, but the coronavirus forced him to overcome an even bigger rock and highlighted the importance of his team: “This whole pandemic made us experience something that we had never had before and we as a group have been handling it very well.“.

What is the NBA Global Academy?

NBA Academy is a development program that offers the best school-age projects the opportunity to develop entirely within a first-rate structure. In total there are six academies in China, India, Mexico, Senegal and Australia, where Caffaro worked.

The program is truly focused on health and wellness, character development and life skills, and gives prospects the opportunity to learn the game from outside coaches the NBA hires.

Caffaro graduated from the NBA Academy in Australia and made the jump to the NCAA, where he defends the colors of the University of Virginia. In addition, he was champion in his first year.

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