Controversial! Max Verstappen and a reproach to Hamilton: “90% would win with Mercedes”

Max Verstappen

Max verstappen captured all the attention in the last hours, after a controversial statement. The Dutchman gave his opinion about the season that is beginning to enter its final stage and had no problems in highlighting the difference between the Mercedes and the rest of the grid Formula 1. However, he assured that what was done by Lewis hamilton so far, it is worthy of congratulations.

This Sunday, Max Verstappen gave an interview to the official Formula 1 magazine and got everything he had in mind. The Dutchman openly criticized the abysmal difference in the category. Despite this, many fans congratulated Max, as he was the leading voice for open thinking in the highest category. In the absence of four tests, Mercedes is already champion and Hamilton can be this Sunday.

No driver fights to be second, much less to be third. However, today the real fight is for the bottom step of the podium. However, Verstappen said he is not frustrated to see Hamilton be the constant winner. “I have a lot of respect for what they have achieved, I am not frustrated to see Lewis in Mercedes,” said the driver of Red bull.

The controversy

On the other hand, Verstappen stressed that most of the drivers on the grid could win a race or a championship with Hamilton’s car. “90% of the grid could win with that car. I have nothing against Lewis, he is a great driver, but the car is very dominant. Maybe other pilots would not dominate as much as he does, but you accept the situation and try to get the best of you, “added Max.

Mercedes work

Despite this, Verstappen highlighted the work carried out by Mercedes to be able to have this advantage over the rest. “I think during the winter they have done a great job and have taken a step forward with their engine. We know that they are the benchmark and their chassis is very complete. I think that’s mainly where we have to raise the bar, ”Verstappen said.

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