Diego Maradona continues to be admitted to the Olivos Clinic

Leopoldo Luque, personal physician of Diego Maradonasaid that the coach of Gymnastics and fencing La Plata still hospitalized at the Olivos Clinic. The ten is close to discharge, but remains hospitalized for now, in full improvement.

“It is something that we are still discussing with the family, everything goes in a line like a house with the care he needs. It is practically resolved but I do not want to confirm it yet,” Luque said earlier, on Tuesday, in dialogue with Radio the Network, in which he added that “one of the strongest ideas” is to move the “10” to a house in the Buenos Aires town of Nordelta.

Maradona was admitted on Monday of last week for anemia, dehydration and with a “low mood”, but when performing checkups he was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma. The next day he underwent surgery and to this day he continues his recovery at a clinic in the town of Olivos.

The doctor referred to the “principle of autonomy” of the patient, and said that Maradona at first did not want to stay in the clinic although now his position has softened.

“In the postoperative period Diego goes for a walk with me, the other day inside the sanatorium, and I told him ‘Diego, you have to stay’ and Diego began ‘no, no, no’, and he became aggressive in the sense of wanting to handle him as he always handles everything. (…) Diego today is a person who looks at me with great logic and says’ Luque, what am I doing here? He is not the Diego who wants to go violent, “he added.

Before entering, they observed in the ex-footballer “strange things in his personality”, such as great confusion. “Some strange things in his personality began to draw attention, such as his mood, and this being confused, out there he issued a comment or an answer of something that had not been asked, it is a cognitive disorder that he should not have. be happening, “added the doctor, and pointed out that before that picture they thought that” it was a good time to take it and study it a little. “

The doctors interpreted these symptoms as a “withdrawal” from alcohol, and not drugs, a problem that accompanied him for several years and now “is treated.”