Laura Cors, first coach in the National League: “I thought, why not break some stigmas and do something that is not done?”

Laura Cors, primera entrenadora en la Liga Nacional:

Laura Cors is one of the women who continue to make history in sports, this time she became new coach of Bahía Basket and is the first in a team in the National Basketball League. However, she affirmed that she never proposed it to her and that she is clear that this milestone is part of a process and serves the female collective.

It doesn’t change me at all to be the first woman on a National League technical staff. I believe that in all orders of life there is a beginning; in this case there is a beginning where I have to be the first, but nothing more than that. It is clear that there had to be a first and it is my turn. But it will just remain as a statistic. On the other hand, it is good that this start occurs and stands out. It should have happened before but it’s better now than ever”, Laura expressed.

But it puts the brakes on, deactivating the importance of being the first, telling why it is special: “It’s actually a different experience for different reasons. Much more than a historical issue. It is for directing in a league team, of the highest national level, for happening in my hometown and being next to Pepe Sánchez, a true luxury. I hope there are more people like Pepe who are encouraged to put us in those places, to listen to us, I think we have our things to contribute, explains in dialogue with the press of the Confederation (CABB).

Cors assures that this opportunity was not expected at such a high level. Pepe spoke to me when the Pre-Olympic was played in Bahia last year, about the idea of ​​motorizing the female branch and then he called me again this year, during the pandemic. I was surprised, but I thought, why not? Why not break some stigmas and do something that is not done? It’s a nice challenge. In addition, it was not easy to make the decision after 24 years in Lanús “, said Laura, who was in the Selection last year like assistant Major and before how 3×3 coach at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games and the 2017 South American Youth Games that ended with golden medal.

Cors has come a long way to reach this privileged place that so many yearn for, punctually 35 years directing at different levels, after being a player in the local tournament in Bahía Blanca. Now, at 53, after passing through Lanús and the Argentine National Team, She will not be a head coach but also an assistant because in reality the president of Basket Bay decided to set up a horizontal coaching staff with three people sharing the main role –the others are Martín Luis and Augusto Meneses- and dividing the functions. I am more in charge of defense. It is very nice to work in this way, it is something different, a great challenge for me. The key is communication “, he analyzes, eager to fit into this different way of directing.

Laura Cors, first coach in the National League: 'I thought, why not break some stigmas and do something that is not done?'

And what is it like to work in such an environment? Is it macho like other places in the sport?

-I have been in a men’s environment for 25 days and although I haven’t been at this level for a long time, the truth is that they have received me very well, not only the people of Weber Bahía, but also those of the other clubs. I notice that it is an environment where you can walk, you can be and where all genders can coexist. I do not see differences in this regard.

-And how is your interaction with players?

-My relationship with the players is very good, it does not change that this is a sports environment. I get along very well with my teammates, with the men in my family and at the club where I work. So it seems to me that it has to do with human relationships. If you are respectful, they will respect you, if you are polite, they will be polite to you. I think it happens that way.

Laura Cors, first coach in the National League: 'I thought, why not break some stigmas and do something that is not done?'

-What do you feel that women can contribute to the technical direction, perhaps another way of teaching, of reaching the player?

-I think that if one goes with an idea and that idea is well founded, the player will believe in one beyond gender. It seems to me that it has to do with knowledge and, obviously, with the way one transmits that idea. For my part I know that when I transmit an idea it is because I am sure, so I transmit it with a lot of security and conviction.

-In the case of WBB the focus is not on winning, at least not with pressure from other places. You like it?

-Here the objective is the process, not so much the immediate result. What boys do is experience the process of a professional player, learn behaviors and habits. They have the structure and learn to be professionals, that is what Pepe and Weber Bahía propose. We have not talked so much about sporting goals, the most important thing is constant, daily improvement, acquiring good habits, which they will then carry throughout their entire career. There is no talk of winning, although we all like it, the goal is set elsewhere. It is another way. It is very good, it takes out a backpack and allows you to dedicate yourself more to training, to development.

Source and photos: CABB

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