Luque: “Maradona did not put him in an addiction box. He is a patient who lives in extremes”

Luque: "Maradona did not put him in an addiction box. He is a patient who lives in extremes"

Leopoldo Luque, personal physician of Diego Maradona, spoke in an interview broadcast on Radio La Red and he told a little more in detail what happened in the last days and what is coming for the La Plata gymnastics and fencing technician: “when in the post-operative period I told him that he had to stay, he told me no and became aggressive. a withdrawal picture with sweating and euphoria, “he said and noted that Maradona” is not a patient very interested in his health. Neurosurgery could be at risk if he went home. “

Going a little deeper about the diagnosis itself, Dr. Luque expanded: “I do not put it at first as an addiction picture, he is a patient who lives in extremes and when he wants to, he will stop doing what makes him ill” . And he added: “Diego in the last time had a drink and he was doing badly” and that “He is not a great consumer of alcohol because of his history and the drugs he takes.”

He said that “these are hectic and stressful days” and that, to this day, “Diego’s current state of health is good.” In any case, he warned that “the deterioration it had was seen. Everyone noticed about the game.” And he added that: “I saw Diego worse, but he did not receive me much at home, although Diego never came to the point of endangering his life or that of third parties.”

Regarding his evolution, the doctor revealed that “one of the strongest ideas is that he be transferred to a house in Nordelta.” And he added: “Today Diego very logically tells me ‘what am I doing here? He has a lot of logic because he feels good.” And when asked about the possibility of going back to work, he was blunt: “Leopoldo Luque, as a doctor and person, should not be taken away from work, especially if they are passionate about it. If he gives him a life, a routine. It is my suggestion. Many people may have a different opinion. That no, that he does not have pressure, that he is relaxed, he cannot have pressure … Diego is under pressure the least is on a field. That is my impression. “

Regarding the reappearance of Doctor Cahe next to Diego, Luque developed: “I don’t know how Cahe got here, but when the phone rang I was happy, he came and we chatted. He has the history of having worked with Diego for more than 30 years.” But he was also clear with his own feelings: “Right now I am in charge of the Titanic, with thousands of people speaking, everyone appears giving their opinion,” he said.

“There are doctors who do not even dare to say ‘Hello Diego’. I greatly differ the love and respect I have for him with what must be done for his health,” Luque emphasized.

Luque also made it clear that he had no prior communication with Maradona’s family: “The communication took place now, and it is very good. I talk a lot with Verónica and Giannina. I have spoken with Dalma in person. The family saw that my purpose is to help to Diego “, he summarized.

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