Rungvisai issues ultimatum to Gallo Estrada; fight with him or vacate title


Srisaket Sor Rungvisai asked the Gallo Estrada fight him, or vacate the world title.

The Thai fighter sent a letter to the journalist Anson wainwright of the magazine The Ring, where he expresses his feelings about the desire that Juan Francisco “Gallo” Estrada to fight with Román “Chocolatito” González, instead of making the mandatory fight of the CMB with him, as the body has ordered.

Here the content of the letter:

I heard people say that Juan Francisco Estrada wants to fight with Roman Gonzalez“,” That is extremely frustrating for me.

I have followed all the orders and rules very closely throughout my career. I know that I can’t do what I want, because I have to follow the rules. As in the ring, we must also do things well outside of it.

I won the championship CMB against Chocolatito, in March 2017 and made three mandatory defenses in two years. The first was with Chocolatito, in September 2017. The second, with Estrada in February 2018, and the third in April 2019, also with Estrada.

Estrada has been a world champion for almost two years, and has made no mandatory defenses so far, Zero! Now is the time for me to do so. I have been a mandatory challenger for over a year. It was ordered, long ago by the WBC Board of Governors, what Estrada he could have one more voluntary defense, which he had against Carlos Cuadras, and then he had to fight me in his mandatory defense.

Yes Estrada and the Chocolatito they were so eager for fights, they could have done it in their previous fight, but they preferred not to. Now it’s my right, it’s my turn to fight for the title for the title. I will not understand if they want to circumvent the rules. It’s not fair to me, nor to the Thais who follow me.

Something that perhaps fans do not know is that the CMB ordered this mandatory fight for me a long time ago. They didn’t order it just after the fight Estrada against Stables. Been there forever, and Estrada and his team knew it. I really respect the CMB for doing the right thing and ordering this mandate. It is an honorable action to support those who have earned their right. I must thank very much to CMB and its president Mauricio Sulaiman for being responsible and honorable.

I have given so much to Chocolatito like Estrada the opportunities for my title when ordered to do so. I hope they do the same to me. Respect to Estrada already Chocolatito like great fighters in the ring.

However, they need to do the right thing outside the ring to earn full respect. Make the fight between Estrada and the Chocolatito below is not correct. It’s not fair! I know that Estrada He’s a great human being, and I trust him to do the right thing. The same Chocolatito, he can wait and his turn will come

I guarantee all fans around the world that my third fight with Estrada will be a war. If they want a war, I’ll give them a war. So if I win and the Chocolatito wants to fight me, we do it!

Yes Estrada wants to fight with Chocolatito, should he vacate his title CMB. I have earned my place. I have the right to be the next to fight for the world title CMB. If they don’t want to follow the rules, just let them vacate the title. I’ll get my WBC world title back and either of them can fight me if they want to.

I hope that DAZN Y Matchroom listen to me too. I can guarantee you the best and most incredible fight possible. A whole war. Fans will love it. Unless Estrada run away. the whole fight, I’ll give you a candidate for Fight of the Year. It will be great for the fans.

I hope that all the fans who believe in the right thing will support me in this. I’m trying to ask for what I earned. I have been waiting patiently for over a year, and now is my time. I don’t want to wait any longer. I’m ready for the world title fight now, and I can’t wait to show my power to the world again.

Fight with me, Rooster!

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