They are afraid? Jack Hermansson says at least five fighters refused to face him

They are afraid?  Jack Hermansson says at least five fighters refused to face him

The impressive Swedish fighter from UFC, Jack Hermansson, He left several interesting phrases in these hours, those that are viral. The Norwegian national gave something to talk about, after admitting that at least five fighters have refused to face him, which distributes some controversy in the present. While he is not a champion, his quality is unique and he truly has the soul of a warrior every time he enters the cage. Thus, he communicated which in his next objective.

«Darren till withdrew from our fight. That sucks because the preparation went so well. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever had. I really wanted to fight Darren. I wanted to show you that I am the best middleweight in Europe and that I am the next true contender for the title. But what can you do, pass the shit. So I can only wish Darren Till a good recovery, ”the Swedish-Norwegian began.

For its part, Jack He said who was willing to face him: “When we got the news, we asked the UFC for a replacement fight. Because yeah, training camp has gone really well and I really want one more fight this year. So they started asking people who were above me in the rankings, below me in the rankings and at least five guys turned down the fight. But one guy was willing to fight and that was Kevin Holland.

«If you follow the sport, you will know that he is a good beginner. He’s on a great winning streak right now. So I hope this is an exciting fight. I am the best that I have been. I am looking forward to making a statement on December 5th. Make sure they’re tuned in so you don’t miss out. There I will say something important. I’m ready for anything, but something big is coming », he closed Jack Hermansson, putting fear to those of its division.

What Darren Till Said

I’m not looking at any of that. I’m just looking at Jack. Adesanya and I will fight. Whittaker and I will probably do it again, and this time I’ll finish it in the first round. That elbow doesn’t slip this time. I’m focused on Jack. I am 27 years old. I know I have time on my hands, I know what to do and I’m going to let it out. I’m just concentrating on Jack Hermansson», Said the Englishman, who wants to kill him.

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