To sleep! Luana Pinheiro collapsed her rival in the Dana White’s Contender Series

To sleep!  Luana Pinheiro collapsed her rival in the Dana White's Contender Series

This Tuesday night, the Dana White’s Contender Series had a shocking knockout, which came from the hand of Luana pinheiro. Last weekend he ended his five-week sabbatical after a string of fights in Abu Dhabi. There, with only four contests, each of them had a knockout and, hand in hand, all the winners signed their bond with the leading Mixed Martial Arts company. Now, the Brazilian will probably achieve the same.

PinheiroThe 26-year-old carries a black judo belt and a purple Brazilian jiu-jitsu belt in his backpack every day. In turn, he accumulates a 7-1 in Mixed Martial Arts and now he wants to reach the top company in that sport. In this way, he came out with everything in the Apex in Las Vegas and finished Stephanie Frausto in the first round. With a very good and fast combination, he landed two lethal fists and finished with the grand and pound on the mat.

His emotion and illusion

«They are six victories in a row for me. I’m very happy. This is the result of the whole year of training and of what I have been doing since I was 2 years old. I train hard all day and this is my job: train all day. I am very happy to be here. People talk about my grappling, but I too have two hands and I know how to fight. I am very dangerous on the floor, but today I showed that I was stopping with my fists too », the winner began by saying.

Dreaming of having a link with the UFC, Luana pinheiro He communicated the following: «I have a very good boxing and the best next to me, who is my boyfriend. I hope I have given a good image for Dana White and he gave me a contract. I did my best to make it so. Hopefully I get it. We have trained hard all this year and have always done it since I was little. This would be a giant step in my career.

Partial results

Mario Souza vs. Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz.
Shaheen Santana vs. Natan Levy.
Nikolas Motta vs. Joe Lowry.
Luana pinheiro (first round knockout win) vs. Stephanie Frausto.
Danny Sabatello (unanimous decision win) vs. Taylor Moore.

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