Will not give up! Andrei Arlovski aims with everything to UFC for his future

Will not give up!  Andrei Arlovski aims with everything to UFC for his future

Andrei Arlovski (30-19 MMA, 19-13 UFC), a seasoned fighter from Belarus, doesn’t seem to show any cracks at 41 years old. Of course, today he is more tactical than before in his fights, which leaves him better off for what he has in mind. His latest unanimous decision win over Tanner boser, at Saturday’s co-main event at UFC Vegas 13, made it clear that he’s not just having fun, he’s going for it all.

“As a fighter, from my experience in fighting, a problem for me was that I never got too attached to my game plan. He was a little bit at times, not cocky, but not so nice, you know? Thank God, as I said, in the second fight in a row I continue with my game plan and I have a great team, great coaches, training partners, everything is great, I knock on wood. I’m like Nike, ‘Just Do It,’ ”he began by saying.

On the other hand, Andrei He also said, “Because every time after the weigh-ins, Dana White and the fighters meet and say, ‘Extra $ 50,000 for this, for that’ and I’m in my head, ‘Fuck, I want to win another $ 50,000.’ But you know what, it’s better step by step. You better get yours because you can lose everything and you are not guaranteed to get a bonus. So I have to stick to my game plan. I feel great. I feel healthy and step by step ».

“I can understand if for the commentators and Dana White, it can be boring at times. Today, first round, probably half round, three minutes we are facing each other. But listen, in the heavyweight division, one hit can win three rounds or one hit, that’s it, turn off the lights, fight. Like I said, I have to be smart. Also, I am 41 years old. I’m not a 20-year-old boy, so I need to use my brain more often, ”said the experienced fighter.

His previous sayings

After his great performance on Saturday, Andrei Arlovski he dictated, “Listen, in the heavyweight division, three rounds, you can win with one hit, no lights. I have to be smart and that’s exactly what I did. I am not a 20 year old so I need to use my brain now. Clearly I have to be very strategic and cautious in every fight I have. It is not easy, but I feel better and better and that is very good for me.

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