You made the best decision! Paul Felder explains the reasons for his return to the UFC

You made the best decision!  Paul Felder explains the reasons for his return to the UFC

The UFC Vegas 14 will not have Islam Makhachev, so Paul felder will collide with Rafael dos Anjos Saturday. The Dagestani was forced to leave his stellar contest against the former Lightweight champion, but he already has his replacement ready and official. One of the fighters of the moment, a partner of Khabib Nurmagomedov, will not be able to be in the cage and precisely a legend of Mixed Martial Arts will do it for him.

“I thought about it and decided with everything that was going on in the world and all the sad things that happen in people’s lives and losing their jobs and suffering and we just lost Alex driving Trebek crazy with pancreatic cancer, I was like, ‘Man, you know you’re still 36 years old. You’re young. You’re fit. Reservation. We will charge. Let’s have fun. You’re fighting a legend, ‘”the veteran began.

Likewise, Paul He also commented: ‘What do I have to lose? I am much thinner and lighter than I would normally accept a fight on short notice. Normally this wouldn’t be on the cards to even think about because I’d be 195, 198. I’m nowhere near that. I’m well under 80. I’m 70. Then I’ll give it to you. I’m in my 70s. With some time, a load of water and dehydration, I’ll be fine.

No regrets

Analyzing what is coming and knowing what awaits you, Felder commented: “I think he really wants to fight the best in 155 to come back and give himself a chance. That was one of the stipulations. Obviously we talk about the intermediate weights, but I know that with the main events, if possible, they like to keep it in the weight class. That was one of the things, ‘Do you think you can do it?’ It won’t be fun, but I’ll make it through.

“I like five-round fights. If you’re going to do a main event, I want to do it right. That is what it is programmed to do. So yeah, five rounds. I’m excited to do another five rounds, especially with someone like RDA. This is an experiment. We’ll see. My brain is cool, my body is cool. I’m not getting beat up in sparring as I normally do, but I’m still technically strong and very fit, so we’ll see, “said the experienced fighter.

“I know that I will soon approach the end of my career. This, I think, is win-win for me because if I go in there and I can finish and beat RDA, a former champion, then it gives me a lot of selling points to get these bigger fights that they seem to have been avoiding. I’m in the top five of the lightweight division here in the UFC. How can you not give me something big after this if I go in there after uploading? And, if it doesn’t go my way, then I saved the day. I’m going to try to win, so we’ll see, “he concluded Paul felder.

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