Diego Maradona was discharged and left the clinic where he was hospitalized

Diego Maradona was discharged and left the clinic where he was hospitalized

Diego Maradona He was discharged after being operated on for a brain hematoma, and He left the Olivos clinic after being hospitalized for nine days, with a surgery on his head included and he will continue his recovery in a house in Benavídez, adapted to his needs.

At 5:41 p.m., the ambulance entered with a police escort for the transfer. At 5:48 p.m., Diego got into the ambulance, which left the clinic four minutes later to the constant chant of support from the people who crowded throughout the hospitalization and the dozens of media.

Since the morning the news was known and his lawyer Matías Morla had expressed that he was going to leave the clinic to continue recovering from “personal problems” and that there is “Maradona for a while”.

In the afternoon, Leopoldo Luque visited Diego in his room and a photo was taken showing him greatly improved and with the bandage on his head after the operation.

Federico Bueno reported on ESPN F360 that he is in a very good mood, with his own mobility and medicated in a correct and balanced way.

Maradona’s family takes a much more prominent role and will be present in the recovery at his home in the town of Benavídez and his daughters will constantly visit him and make decisions on questions regarding the steps to follow.

Luque himself left the clinic on his private motorcycle and left a few words for the press: “Diego looks very good, he looks incredible. You have to keep working. I want to thank everyone, the family, Matías Morla ”.

The doctor even dared to joke and said: “Don’t get distracted with me, he’s going the other way around there.”

“There is a very big team and I am next to Diego. He will be in a suitable place so that Diego is well cared for, ”Luque concluded about the next steps to follow.

This is the end of an event that began last Monday with an admission to a clinic in La Plata for emotional issues, but on Tuesday a routine tomography revealed a subdural hematoma in his skull and the decision was made to operate on him. what was transferred to the Olivos clinic, where he was operated successfully.

Since Wednesday there has been talk of different dates of discharge and exit of 10, always because of his desire to leave, but Luque maintained the position of monitoring him very closely and that he takes the necessary care.

In addition, withdrawal symptoms emerged, declared by Maradona’s own personal physician, with a regulation of his medications.

The days went by until this Wednesday when the expected discharge arrived so that Diego is more comfortable in his home and surrounded by his closest affections.

On a more secondary side is the sports side and with the departure of Gabriel Pellegrino from Gimnasia LP, his future is uncertain and he is not expected to return to work in the short term, although from the La Plata club they maintain the illusions of continuing to count on him idol.

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