Excited! Scott Coker explodes Bellator with the fight between Freire and Carvalho

Excited!  Scott Coker explodes Bellator with the fight between Freire and Carvalho

The President of Bellator, Scott coker, had a moment with the press and was excited about what is coming. This Thursday night, at Bellator 252, Patricky Freire will expose one of its two titles before Pedro Carvalho, a Portuguese who does not play games and wants to destroy it. The previous one has already been somewhat spicy, so the president knows that it will be one of the best contests of the year.

I’m super excited. These fights will be amazing to watch. We have ‘Pitbull’. I had never seen him in a boring fight, the same with Carvalho. These guys are going to bring it. I think it’s just a reflection of our quality and level of talent of the fighters in our 145-pound featherweight division, “was what the businessman began by saying, highlighting what he currently has in his great MMA company.

The event will be awesome

Recognizing that this will not be the only contest that explodes the event, Scott also highlighted the co-star of the night at the Bellator 252. «The Weichel-Sánchez fight will be incredible. That will be another great fight. Carvalho against ‘Pitbull’, that will be a rock ’em, sock’ em fight. Then next week we have the AJ (McKee) and (Darrion Caldwell) fight, which I’m looking forward to doing. The tournament continues, “he said.

I’m so happy to be here. Eight months have passed since we were fired to continue the tournament. The crazy thing was eight months ago, we were here with this event. The fighters were exactly the same as we had here. That is the craziest thing for me, the tournament continues but continues here at the Mohegan Sun in a closed environment, ”the president said. Thus, you fully understand what your company is going through.

To conclude with his sayings, Scott coker He also asserted: “It gave me memories of the day we had to unplug, right at the moment when COVID was really starting to become a reality. We made the decision on that date to disconnect. It was not an easy decision, but it was the right decision. That being the case, there is no doubt that he is happy with the present of Bellator MMA.

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