It chose him! The impressive fight that Cory Sandhagen has in mind

It chose him!  The impressive fight that Cory Sandhagen has in mind

In the star of UFC Fight Island 5, Cory Sandhagen He knocked out Marlon Moraes and now he wants a star in front of him. In Abu Dhabi, on “the island of struggle”, the victor went home with a huge smile and left a clear message for Dana White, the president of the organization. After knocking out one of the best in the division in the second round, now he only thinks about the title. Undoubtedly, he deserves it and has the chance to keep it, but he wants to go for TJ Dillashaw.

Like I said, it’s a dog eat dog sport. If they said to me, ‘You looked amazing, here’s your title shot,’ obviously I wouldn’t have taken it smoothly. I wouldn’t have lost sleep over that. I think it’s fairer for Aljamain to fight for the belt than I do now. I think maybe I’m one fight away from being number one. When you look at the division, Cody Garbradnt is injured and now weighs 125 pounds, so that is not really a possibility, “was what the American began saying.

Has the power to get what you want

On the other hand, Cory He also named a legend: “Then there is Frankie Edgar, who came out of a win against Pedro Munhoz, who is not as good a competitor as Marlon. Then this TJ Dillashaw who will return in January, who is known as one of the best bantamweights in history. I definitely think my fight as the No. 1 contender should be against TJ just because it makes more sense. I think I have a pretty strong case now, and when TJ comes back, he will have a pretty strong case.

“I’d love to fight him and then right after that, when the winner of Yan and Sterling are ready, fight one of those guys in the spring or sometime. I’m pretty sure I’ve fought some guys on steroids. Doing this for 11 years, doing kickboxing tournaments and other things internationally, I know for a fact that I have fought guys on steroids. But I have always dealt with it because I knew it was part of the sport, “said the American.

To end, Cory Sandhagen reported: ‘I didn’t let him intimidate me. Honestly, in my head, I assumed they were all on steroids, and if they wanted to do that, I was still going to hit them. The challenge is easier for me. If you fight thinking that a guy is taking steroids, that is going to upset you. You’re going to say, ‘Oh, he’s going to be very strong,’ and he always dealt with that because he knew he was fighting some guys on steroids. “

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