It’s okay? Cam Newton was hurt from the game against the Jets

It's okay?  Cam Newton was hurt from the game against the Jets

Finally, Cam Newton showed its great potential in this bad start to the season of New England Patriots in the regular phase of NFL. The quarterback managed to turn the scoreboard in the last quarter of the match against New York Jets, and this victory is expected to wake up Bill Belichick’s team. However, the quarterback has revealed that he came out with serious discomfort from the field last Monday.

Hard hit for Cam Newton

Cam Newton had, without a doubt, one of the best performances since arriving in Foxborough. The quarterback of the Patriots had an outstanding night with 27 completed shipments of 37 attempts, adding a 274-yard rush through the air. In addition, the quarterback added another 16 yards on 10 carries, for 2 touchdowns on the ground. One of the highest points was not having delivered the ball throughout the game.

Despite her magnificent performance, all did not go well for Cam Newton in the game of this Monday Night Football. Although the losing streak of defeats of the Patriots in this campaign of the NFL, the strategist did not leave the field in good condition. The player was injured from a safety catch by New York Jets, Ashtyn Davis.

The quarterback revealed that he was hurt from the play, but took humorously the fact that he held the ball for longer than he should have. “My neck is only working up to a certain angle and then it stops to one side. So my eye muscles are working a lot today. It was like, ‘It’s my fault, and I deserve it’ (laughs). But hey, he got us 15 yards, so wow, that’s the price to pay.

End of the bad streak

Fortunately for New England, the injury of Cam Newton does not appear to be serious. The QB was focused on getting back on track for the triumphs ahead of the Playoffs. “We simply have to keep building, and for ourselves, know that we are in a position where the world will be looking once again. We have a great chance to get another victory. It is what we are pursuing.

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