Strong images! Natan Levy left his rival in another planet in the Dana White’s Contender Series

Strong images!  Natan Levy left his rival in another planet in the Dana White's Contender Series

This Tuesday there was an immense submission in the Dana White’s Contender Series, thanks to Natan levy and its qualities. The Israeli left everyone impressed, after applying a lot of pressure on his opponent and leaving him sleeping on the mat. Last weekend he ended his five-week sabbatical after a string of fights in Abu Dhabi. Now, the aforementioned ended the illusion of Shaheen santana.

Last Wednesday, with only four contests, each of them had a knockout and, hand in hand, all the winners signed their bond with the leading Mixed Martial Arts company. Now the Israeli-born, who has been training in America for a while, is likely to achieve the same for his mammoth performance at the Apex in Las Vegas. Without hesitation, one of the best closings of the week.

Time did not prevent anything

«I had only two days notice and I was able to finish it. Thank you very much to Israel for the support of always and to my coaches. I am very grateful to all of them for what they always give me. My name is Natan levy, but my trainer says my last name with another accent, because he says that I became an American fighter. I always fight long. I come from karate and I am used to this », he began by saying, after his triumph.

At the same time, Natan levy He also said the following: “We were looking for the fight on the floor, but we also did very well standing up. I saw that he was tired and I knew that in the third round I was going to be able to finish it. I think I did a lot of work to get here. It was a very long story, for 7 years in MMA. I feel like I have learned a lot. I would love for him to give me a contract with the UFC, I think I deserve it.

Partial results

Mario Souza vs. Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz.
Shaheen santana vs. Natan levy (third round submission win).
Nikolas Motta (win by unanimous decision) vs. Joe Lowry.
Luana Pinheiro (victory by knockout in the first round) vs. Stephanie Frausto.
Danny Sabatello (unanimous decision win) vs. Taylor Moore.

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