Three more! Dana White Awarded New UFC Contracts at the Contender Series

Three more!  Dana White Awarded New UFC Contracts at the Contender Series

The Dana White’s Contender Series left a real show this Tuesday, with three new contracts for UFC. His five-week sabbatical ended last weekend, following a string of events in Abu Dhabi. There, with only four contests, each of them had a knockout and, hand in hand, all the winners signed their bond with the leading Mixed Martial Arts company. Now out of five, three have been promoted to the big leagues.

The three new contracts

Luana pinheiro, 26, was the first to surprise everyone. The same load in his backpack a black judo belt and a purple Brazilian jiu-jitsu belt. In turn, he accumulates an 8-1 in Mixed Martial Arts and now he will be in the highest company of that sport. In this way, he came out with everything in the Apex in Las Vegas and finished Stephanie Frausto in the first round. With a very good and fast combination, he landed two lethal fists and finished with the grand and pound on the mat.

On the other hand, Nikolas Motta had its big appearance in the Contender Series. This had been a participant in the fourth season of The Ultimate Fighter Brasil, but he did not have a good time. Now 27 and 6-2 for him, he was able to intimidate Dana White and walk home with a contractual link. From the first second he was able to connect very good blows, completely disfiguring the face of his rival. Breaking his nose and filling the cage with blood, the South American left with his arm raised and will be in the leading company.

Finally, the third contract was taken by the author of an immense submission in the Dana White’s Contender Series. It was just Natan levy who put his rival to sleep on the canvas. The Israeli left everyone impressed, after applying a lot of pressure on his opponent and knocking him unconscious in the Octagon. Being one of the most impressive images of the week, he signed his contract and now he will be in UFC.

Partial results

Mario Souza (win by unanimous decision) vs. Mariusz Ksiazkiewicz.
Shaheen Santana vs. Natan levy (third round submission win).
Nikolas Motta (victory by unanimous decision) vs. Joe Lowry.
Luana pinheiro (first round knockout win) vs. Stephanie Frausto.
Danny Sabatello (unanimous decision win) vs. Taylor Moore.

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