Tyson Fury says he’s concerned about Deontay Wilder’s mental health and offers him help

Tyson Fury se dice preocupado por la salud mental de Deontay Wilder y le ofrece ayuda

Tyson fury assures that he fears for the mental health of Deontay Wilder after the harsh statements and accusations that the American has made in recent years and offers him help.

“I believe that Wilder has bigger problems than boxing right now, “he said. Fury in an interview for the show This Morning. “I am very concerned about the mental health of Wilder and for their welfare ”.

Fury think that Wilder He has not been able to mentally deal with defeat, and that is what leads him to the instability that he has shown in recent months. Of keeping total silence, Deontay Wilder went to an aggressive and almost paranoid state in which he has made multiple accusations to multiple involved in the rematch fight on February 22 where he was defeated by Tyson Fury.

Deontay Wilder said Tyson fury he cheated and put blunt objects inside his gloves. He also said that his own coach put medicine in the water he drank that night to affect him. That the referee was also part of a conspiracy to harm him. Wilder he even said that Fury he had to make arrangements for his funeral, and that he would then go spit on his grave.

“We don’t want to be beaten after being undefeated professionals for so long,” he said. Fury. “But there is a point where you have to accept defeat and move on. Wilder can’t seem to do it. He keeps those bad feelings and he’s making all those excuses. “

For Tyson fury, who has already gone through mental health problems, of which he has spoken with total openness, go in Deontay Wilder the symptoms of something similar.

“I am very concerned for his mental well-being after this defeat because he is making strange statements,” he explained. Fury. “And I’m not sure what’s going on.”

The English champion offered his help to Deontay Wilder.

“I always say that I am only a phone call away, and if I can help you in any way, I would give you the best advice I can give you,” he offered. Fury. “But it seems like the fight has really affected his mental well-being.”

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