Unpublished! He was out in the Dana White’s Contender Series and another MMA company hired him

Unpublished!  He was out in the Dana White's Contender Series and another MMA company hired him

After winning in the Dana White’s Contender Series, but not surprising, another company from MMA hired a fighter. Is about Kenneth cross, who was unable to sign his contract with the UFC, despite being the winner. Anyway, with an 11-3 going for him, he did what he had to to impress another Mixed Martial Arts company. Although his illusion was to be in the leading brand, he will finally give something to talk about in another cage.

“If I think about long-term goals, mine is to earn enough money to support my family and myself and for whatever we want to do. I can take it into my own hands and make sure this happens. We can only live this life for 100 years if you live healthy. If you plan to live well like me, you get 100 years “, was what he began by saying, focusing on what he wants for his life.

On the other hand, Kenneth He also stressed: “I want to win this tournament. I want to get a cool belt. I want to get a good salary and I want to see what it’s like to live life without all the stress of daily checks and all that. I want to see what the XFC has to offer for years to come. Without a doubt, I am ready for anything. I’ve prepared for this and I can’t wait to get into the cage and drop everything.

His illusion is getting bigger

“I feel like they could provide me with many things that I want in my future and in my dreams. I’m excited to see what that brings. I’m excited to keep growing and evolving and, yes, putting XFC in the map. I’m of a different race, so I’m going to go after him hard. I have worked harder than ever. I’m ready. I’m ready. I do not see where this fight could lead to the fact that I am not better than him, “the fighter acknowledged.

Ending with his words, Kenneth cross explained: ‘I am here to set my eyes on the XFC, I know they can give me a lot and I can give them. I will dominate everyone and everywhere. It’s going to be another fight, another high intensity fight, so you can expect the best Kenneth Cross. Right now, we are just doing our best to stay alert, mentally focused and ready for war.

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Won’t rest till I’m the best

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