Who are the favorites of the Augusta Masters?

Who are the favorites of the Augusta Masters?

The Augusta Masters, which takes place in spring, will have different weather conditions, which will be a factor to consider for the players

MEXICO – The Augusta Masters will live an atypical year. The legendary Augusta National will open its doors next week to 94 players who will seek to don the ‘Green Jacket’ and conquer the glory of obtaining one of the Majors of the PGA Tour.

Tiger Woods He is the current champion after he swept his rivals in 2019 and won a tournament that he had not obtained since 2007. But this year, even the weather conditions will play an important role, since the cold in Augusta, Georgia, will influence the play of the professionals, as well as the lack of public.

“Without a doubt it will be a very different Masters due to the fact that it is in November with the weather, the cold, the ball is not going to fly as much, the fairways are not going to run as much. There will not be the shouts of the public, the famous ‘rawrs’ “, exposed John sutcliffe, ESPN analyst and golf expert.

“There will be no fans, little press, only those that we are going to broadcast. Members can only invite their wives. Players can bring up to four guests and stop there, ”Sutcliffe said.

On his candidates to win, there are several names in the pipeline. Woods’ absence from the golf restart this year was also key to saving for one of the biggest events of the year, but the key will be players hitting long and hard.

“I don’t know if someone with little experience could win without the audience. Usually there are no surprises at Augusta. I would like to see win Rory McIlroy and get the Career Grand Slam and have all four Majors, “he said.

“I feel like it’s the year of Justin thomas. The field is going to be long, Dustin Johnson comes to mind, Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau. You have to hit hard and score well, “added our analyst.

You can enjoy the Masters through ESPN screens from Thursday 12 to Sunday 15 November. The last round, on Sunday, can be followed from 9 in the morning.

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