Who? The inseparable woman who is with Lewis Hamilton: “She is always positive”

Lewis Hamilton

In the last races the absolute dominance of Lewis hamilton was noted. The British is always above the rest of the competitors and that is why he is the undisputed leader of the championship of Formula 1. In addition, if they win this weekend at the Turkish Grand Prix, they would secure the title, the seventh in their history that would equal Michael Schumacher.

However, the presence of a small blonde woman who sits next to the British man on each podium where he is present gained a lot of notoriety. Also, they seem inseparable as they walk through the paddock. Amid laughter and chatter, Hamilton became a fundamental company. However, there is no romance, at least as far as the media knows.

The woman who is with the champion constantly is Angela cullen. She is Hamilton’s physical therapist and accompanies him to every Grand Prix he plays. In addition, she is a faithful friend of the number 44. According to Hamilton, Angela’s presence in each race is essential for his confidence and his performance, since she is always by his side to support him.

Angela’s support

“People surely won’t understand it, because they see it from a distance, but she has been one of the greatest things that has happened to me in my life. I have been fortunate to work with many people and she is the hardest working woman I can be with. It is always positive. She is always focused, she is disinterested and she makes my weekends quiet, ”Hamilton said of Angela.

In addition, he revealed how it was the hiring of Cullen to his team. “For years I had always had a male coach, but I always had problems. Muscle tension in the neck, or in the lower back or buttocks. So I had to deal with this and I was like ‘this doesn’t make sense’. I had already worked with Angela, so I spoke with her and asked her and little did I know then that we would have the best partnership, “said the Mercedes.

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