11 Minutes of Power: What You Need to Know and See from Callum Smith

Los 11 minutos de poder: Lo que debes saber y ver de Callum Smith

According to various reports, English Callum Smith would be the next rival of Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez in December, and the negotiations are about to close.

Smith is the super champion of the AMB at 168 pounds, while the Canelo He has the regular belt, of lower hierarchy, within the same organism. And not only that, Callum smith He is considered the best super middleweight fighter in the magazine’s lists. The Ring, from ESPN, and in the independent classifications of Transnational Boxing Rankings.

While, Callum smith It is not a name that resonates in the mind of the occasional boxing fan, we are talking about the best super middleweight in the world. He is undefeated with a record of 27 wins without a loss, and 19 knockouts.

The main characteristics of Callum smith it is its physical depth. It measures 1.91, and has a reach of 1.98. In stature, he exceeds Canelo in 18 centimeters, and in reach another 19.

To that scope, it must be added that Callum has power and precision in both hands. He has a well developed instinct to take advantage of the crosses of blows to get his hooks up. This is how he has achieved several of his most impressive knockouts. His best shots are the left hook and the right straight. He also takes advantage of his long arms to put the hook to the liver with dexterity. He knows how to counterattack, he knows how to fight in reverse.

But despite being a very tall fighter for the division, Callum smith put out your hands lightly. It has a decent speed for its size. He is a mainly static fighter, and well planted on the ground, which gives him additional power to his punches, but also sometimes causes him problems.

The hardest fight you’ve ever had Callum smith in his career he was against John ryder, a fighter small in stature compared to Callum. But Ryder he got on his guard, and in the short field made life difficult for Callum that ended up cut, but to whom the judges gave the victory unanimously, but controversially.

Here a compilation of all the knockouts of Callum smith.

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