Abraham Ancer excited to share rounds with Phil Mickelson and Bernd Wiesberger

Abraham Ancer excited to share rounds with Phil Mickelson and Bernd Wiesberger

The golfer was excited to participate in the Masters; is the first Mexican to perform in Augusta in 41 years

MEXICO — Abraham Ancer you will live your first experience in Augusta National when this Thursday leaves at 11:27 am in his first Masters. The ‘Turkish’ He has the emotion of a child visiting Disneyland for the first time and confessed that since he arrived last week, he does not want to leave the mythical field, because he wants to stay to practice as much as possible.

“I had never seen in Augusta National until a week ago. The practice rounds are hilarious. I have been practicing until late, but I have to soften it and save energy, but it is difficult to leave the practice place. I’m really enjoying it, ”he told ESPN Digital exclusively.

A native of Tamaulipas and 29 years old, Ancer He has been in the elite of golf since 2016, when he joined the PGA Tour. After ups and downs, the Mexican finally drove down Magnolia Lane, the mythical avenue that leads to the Augusta National Clubhouse.

“It was completely even more than I expected. A unique place and a happy history. To get there and see it in person is impressive. The attention to detail from the lockers to the grass. It is one of my favorite places in the world,” he said. excited to finish one of his practice rounds.

Ancer will come out in round one and two with Phil Mickelson Y Bernd wiesberger. The pleasure of sharing with the three-time ‘Green Jacket’ champion is unique, as the Mexican will observe what ‘Lefty’ does due to the experience he has in a field like Augusta National.

“When I saw the ‘tee times’ I was excited. I haven’t played any tournament with Phil, no practice rounds, or anything. We have talked many times, but we have never played together. I feel that it will be a lot of fun, that he is a person with whom you enjoy the rounds and even more being champion here you learn a lot. I’m going to play my game, but I’ll see how the field plays, when it attacks some flags and when it doesn’t. I imagine he will be aggressive and maybe he takes lines from the tee that I don’t, but it will be fun to play with Phil ”, he confessed.

One of Ancer’s favorite parts about Augusta It is the food, and the Mexican, with a good tooth, did not miss the tradition of the famous sandwiches that are in the field. He even confessed that since he arrived he has eaten one daily.

“The truth is that I have hit the sandwiches a lot. They have three or four types of sandwiches and I have eaten one every day. Today I took two, took off the covers and put them together and it is great. It is part of the tradition. Everyone talks about the drinks, the food and it is rare not to see people. You are used to seeing the Masters with people, but it is going to be played, we are going to enjoy it and in April it will perhaps be a more normal Masters ”, he shared.

He already has his favorite holes, and Amen Corner stole his attention after a week of walking on the Augusta National grass.

“It’s hard to choose from 18, but Amen Corner is a lot of fun. From 10 to 13 is impressive. The 11th is one of my favorites when you’re on the second shot when you see the tee and the 12th hole at the back is impressive. “

The ‘Turk’ is happy to be in the Masters. It is a reward for his perseverance and for how well he has done things in the last two years. It’s easy to say, but the Mexican was one of the top 30 golfers last year and at 29 he is motivated by what is coming in the future. Meanwhile, Augusta is up to the challenge and will share it with her caddy, Dale Dale Vallely.

“Like me, he’s super excited. Since Saturday arrived. It is your first time and we are sharing the experience. Let’s hope it’s the first of many. No matter where we go, we have an amazing time. He’s a great friend as well as my caddy. In tournaments like these, everything makes it more special, “he said.

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