“I don’t think he had Covid”: Dillian Whyte doubts Povetkin’s disease

No creo que haya tenido Covid: Dillian Whyte pone en duda enfermedad de Povetkin

Dillian whyte doubt that Alexander Povetkin really had Covid-19, and that he invented the infection to postpone the rematch and buy more time.

“Personally, I don’t think (Povetkin) have had Covid“, said Dillian Whyte in statements to Sky Sports. “I think he just needed more time to get ready, because he received a lot of punishment in the first fight.”

In the first fight on August 22, Dillian whyte had twice knocked down Povetkin, until the Russian was able to land a brutal uppercut that knocked out and disconnected Whyte. Originally, the rematch was set for November 21, just three months away from the first fight.

“After the fight, (Povetkin) took a lot of time off, “he said Whyte. “Even though they knocked me out, I immediately returned to training.”

On November 3, it was reported that Alexander Povetkin had tested positive for Covid-19, and that he was admitted to a Moscow hospital. Povetkin left the hospital on Tuesday.

In view of the doubts raised by Whyte, Andrey Ryabinskiy, promoter of Povetkin, claims to be willing to deliver the documents that prove the infection.

“There are many different opinions,” he said. Ryabinsky to Sky Sports. “Let’s not listen to opinions, let’s be guided by the facts and make decisions. The facts are simple, Sasha had coronavirus and we were forced to postpone the fight. This can happen to any athlete. Sasha He was in the hospital, we have all the documents at hand. Yes Eddie hearn have any questions of this kind, I am ready to deliver all these documents. Obviously, it is more profitable for us to have a rematch with Whyte, after their defeat, as soon as possible ”.

The promoter of Povetkin, revealed how the Russian fighter’s illness was.

“He had a very complicated form of coronavirus, but the crisis period passed,” he said. Ryabinsky. “The doctors put him back on his feet. Sasha you are feeling good; no complications have been identified. At this moment, his main task is to restore him to health and return to the necessary physical state.

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