Terrible! This was the results in the return of XFC to Mixed Martial Arts

Terrible!  This was the results in the return of XFC to Mixed Martial Arts

This Wednesday the return of XFC to Mixed Martial Arts, with the 43rd edition on the list. Michigan was the setting for the event, which had not occurred in the United States since 2013. In turn, the last time they gave an official competition was in 2016, so this day went down in history. With gigantic completions, the President Myron molotky was very happy with the restart.

His words in the previous

“It has given us time to pause and make good decisions. Just take a look at this billboard. When we landed in Brazil in 2013, we had 185 fighters from 35 countries and you trust a lot of information. After the first couple of events, the phone starts ringing and people want to be a part of it ”, was what he began saying hours ago, selling what would be an impressive show.

For his part, the president also acknowledged the following: “I feel like we have the same here. The goal is to get it right. The goal is not to do it fast, the goal is not to shoot absolutely everything in one event, we will do it the right way. We’re bringing in the fighters that fit in and the ones we think fans will be looking for. I am looking for athletics and violence. That’s what we do”.

“Anyone who is undecided, don’t wait to hear it the next day. There won’t be a fight there where you don’t go and say, ‘That’s what I want to see in MMA, right there. What is happening in that hexagon? Each one of these fights will be absolutely incredible “, closed Myron molotky, who spoke after the event as well. «I am very happy about all this. It happened as expected and even more. This day will go down in history, “he concluded.

XFC 43 Results

Principal card

Andre Soukhamthath (split decision win) vs. Guilherme Faria.
Jessica Aguilar vs. Danielle Taylor (split decision win).
Jarel Askew vs. Kenny Cross (win by TKO in the second round).
Kurt Holobaugh (first round KO win) vs. Joziro Boye.
Enzo Pérez vs. Austin Bashi (win by unanimous decision).

Preliminary card

D’Juan Owens vs. Scott Hudson (win by unanimous decision).
Bradley Desir vs. Carson Hardman (victory by TKO in the first round).
Spencer Jebb vs. Bobby Nash (victory by TKO in the first round).
Jose Caceras vs. Tom O’Connor (third round TKO win).
Larue Burley (third round submission win) vs. Alex Sanchez.
Ryan Dickson (first round submission win) vs. Mike Hill.
Luis Navarro (victory by TKO in the first round) vs. Nick Horton.

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