Abraham Ancer put Mexico at the top of Augusta

Abraham Ancer put Mexico at the top of Augusta

Perfect lap for Mexican Abraham Ancer. Aged 29, born in Texas, but raised in Reynosa, in northeastern Mexico, Ancer scored two excellent scores of 68 and 67 strokes in the first two laps at Augusta, and with 135 strokes (-9) tied at the top of the board with Australian Cameron Smith and Americans Dustin Johnson and Justin Thomas. Ancer is the fifth Mexican golfer to reach Augusta. On his remarkable lap today Ancer scored five birdies and no bogeys. “I was feeling better and better. I know it is unusual for a rookie to top the board on this court, but there I am. The only thing I did was fulfill the game plan that I had drawn up well ”. Ancer said in the subsequent press conference. It is very true what Ancer says. In 84 editions only three players in the history of the Masters triumphed in their debut. They were Horton Smith in 1934, Gene Sarazen in 1935 and Fuzzy Zoeller in 1979. But Smith must be ruled out, as his triumph was at the opening of the tournament.

Speaking of Latinos, it was also a great day for Colombian Sebastián Muñoz. With laps of 70 and 68, Muñoz was tied for 14th place with -6. The Colombian’s laps weren’t exactly tedious, but at the end of the day, only the result counts, and Muñoz’s is highly praiseworthy.

Augusta members usually take advantage of this week to show off their impeccable green jackets. Distributed in the crowd that always congregates at the Masters, the number of members present is very difficult to calculate and does not attract much attention. However, this week, with the field almost empty and with a good part of the members present, Augusta asked those members who were not working for the Masters to avoid putting on their precious “green jackets” in order to go unnoticed.

The second round of this 84th edition of the Masters finally had sun and perfect conditions. The greens remained soft and allowed even the longest shots to be received with kindness and very little rolling. That made the players aggressive in their shots and birdies abounded.

Four players at -9. Four players at -8 (Cantlay, Im, Matsuyama and Rahm). Five players at -7 (Willett, Fleetwood, Rose, Pan and Oosthuizen. Five players at -6 (Muñoz, Fritelli, Reed, Casey and Schawffele). The list goes on and adds no less than 33 players six or fewer strokes from the lead. A sign of the age of golf where there are a huge number of players in a position to win, even a Major.

Perhaps a measure of this phenomenon is provided by an in-depth analysis done by technicians from a well-known brand of clubs. Back when Tiger Woods was the undisputed No. 1 in the world and Phil Mickelson was the undisputed No. 2, they calculated the difference between the two by taking every conceivable measure to evaluate them. Dozens of weighted values ​​to finally assign a number to Tiger and another to Phil. According to his estimates, the difference between Woods and Mickelson at that time is the same that today separates Dustin Johnson, the current No. 1 in the world and the player who occupies position 121 in the ranking, a certain Chan Kim, of whom probably no reader ever heard of. So the question of who can win the Masters, or any tournament is almost ridiculous and any answer based on some factual data is pure chance disguised as science. In other words, the paradise of the bookmakers.

Meanwhile, away from these metaphysical questions of the game, there is a very special Masters. It is the Masters of the lovable Abel Gallegos. “The fat man,” as his father affectionately calls him, “is no longer so fat. In these months that have passed since that glorious January in Mayakoba, “Abelito” under 15 kilos. Since then he trained like a professional, both technically and physically. He came to Augusta with high expectations. He rubbed shoulders with the best, with his usual idols. He had the luxury of playing with them and passing many at a distance. A great experience that will undoubtedly remain etched in your memory forever, whatever your destiny in this wonderful sport that you love like few things. However, it has one of the most important assets that a person can have as a base. A beautiful family that only wants you to be happy doing what your vocation indicates. If this turns out to be professional golf, time will tell and a long series of events that must go through.

This second round of the young Abel Gallegos had a farewell taste from the beginning. The suspension for lack of light did not allow it to end and will let him return early Saturday for another puff of Augusta as a player. This is how he will finish his remaining seven holes from 3 to 9. However, Abel has raised his name in the world of golf. He has proudly said “here I am and so I play golf” and has received high praise.

From this page, the highest respects to this talented golfer, Abel Gallegos.

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