Bob Arum reveals who his four greatest fighters are


Among controversies, Bob arum revealed who his four greatest fighters in world boxing history are.

Before the questions of the English newspaper The Sun, Bob arum chose his favorite fighters within the 50 years that he has worked in boxing.

Muhammad Ali, the best as you like

“It is the best of all time,” he said Arum to Muhammad Ali. “He brought boxing back from the dead, (at a time) that couldn’t be on television in the United States, because everything was run by the mafia.

“It brought boxing back. Ali he was a magnificent fighter, and a person in the world who elevated the sport to tremendous heights ”, the New Yorker closed about The Greatest.

In second place, Bob Arum put Foreman

“He is my friend, and the best guy I ever knew,” he stressed. Bob arum on George Foreman. “The comeback he made with his second phase (of his career) was incredible and legendary, to win the heavyweight championship at age 45.”

The truth is that the 88-year-old tycoon managed much of the career of Big george, and was one of those who was most pleased with his historic title recovery in 1994, after knocking out Michael moorer and break his undefeated.

Hagler closed the podium of Bob Arum

“He fought against everyone, he was a consummate professional and came from nowhere,” he said. Arum by Marvin hagler. “He was not an Olympian. People ignored it when it arose ”.

But he put all that aside. He had those Italian-American brothers from Brockton, the Petronelli, and they stuck together as a team. He rose to the top of the sport, “said the businessman about the career of Marvelous.

Pacquiao in fourth location

“It really appealed to the Asian fans, the Filipinos, the Malaysian people, and made them interested in boxing,” he emphasized. Bob arum by the trajectory of Manny pacquiao. “It was incredible, something new.”

“He accomplished great feats, either by beating (Oscar) From the pot or others, boxing raised a lot during that period ”, highlighted the successful manager.

Is there another place on the list?

Although the reporters did not allow it, Arum He said that the fifth of his ranking would be Floyd mayweather jr.

Mayweather is on that list. If I could name five I would certainly add it to Floyd“Said the American about Money.

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