He wants the title! Paul Felder admits he will go for the belt if he beats dos Anjos

He wants the title!  Paul Felder admits he will go for the belt if he beats dos Anjos

The UFC Vegas 14 will face Paul felder against Rafael dos Anjos, in the main event this Saturday night. Islam Makhachev was forced out of his contest against the former Lightweight champion, but he already has his replacement ready and official. Now, after being inactive for some time and dedicating himself to sports stories and commentaries in the company, the “colorado” returns and wants to go for the title.

“I started to get a little bitter towards the division, and I didn’t see that way. I told you from the beginning: If I don’t see that path to the top, then why am I doing it? Why am I being hit on the head? Why am I coming home beating up my family if I’m not going to be the best? I am not fighting just to make money. I am fighting for opportunities that prepare me for the future and for more important things, then this presents itself, “he began by saying.

At the same time, Paul He also stated: “I am intervening five days in advance to fight an absolute legend in RDA. If I lose and he takes my qualification, then okay, I know maybe I’m not destined to fight for the title anyway. The path is still there. With a win, how can you not argue to give me a fight that I really want with one of these best guys and one of these exciting showdowns at 155 pounds? So it made sense to me.

Will look for the belt

You don’t get the things you want in life if you are safe and take no risks. I made my career fighting dangerous guys, doing crazy things, going to other countries and fighting in their backyards. This is just another chapter of me doing the stupid things in my career. I think with a win, it would be amazing to just throw away the gloves and say, ‘I’m done, five days!’ then walk away. I want bigger fights. I want a camp for this one ”, highlighted the experienced fighter.

To close, Paul felder He also highlighted: “We only give him the Philadelphia phone booth as Coach Duke (Roufus) would say. Letting him know: ‘If you come close to me, they hit you with something hard. You wanna take me down Are you going to break my hips? When I get up again, I’ll knee you in the face. I have to let you know that there will be violence every step of the way. I think he fights a bit like that. I think a good one awaits the fans ”.

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